.r a n g e.[ ... 20 .

.Maxim. ) .the development of any weapon..
.insures it's use in the Future..
....radio One...
..my music knows..) . fallout boy.
..50 song memoir .) . magnetic fields.
Tidal wave. ) . ) . L A W S ..) ..

.. mchint. ) They cast a $ Pell on you...
.part 2..[ .and the physics are real..

.blue sky mining..,) . midnight Oil
..NO Nations. } .} Jets overhead
.syn Tax. } .A T E. | 08.
.. Airborne . Toxic . Event . ) .sum Time round midnight.
..a. r. ) Atomic rooster. ) Friday the 13th.
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This just in ..from Science..

Secret history of human race. ) Blood incantation
D N A ) Lamar.
.y h w h..} U 2.

.. scientists have discovered the NAME, yhwh- but in hebrew- encoded into human DNA. { Courtesy of a YouTube short, yesterday.
Now that is interesting!! thumbs up
X X | . twenty day supply of diesel left in Amerika.

.. Jesus built my hot rod. ) . ministry
.. Electric kingdom. } . Twilight 22.
No cars go. } . London Calling*..

* .eYe could be wong...Dee jay is analog memory only.
. standby.
.. addenda. ..[ .20..
...this will help your eYe & hand Co Ordinate point...
.. Gen..9:11...).. Rainbow covenant
Deut. 9 : 11..} .2 table covenant
Psalm 119. | Gate way to hebrew alef-bet.
Isa. 11:9.....} .look into it...soon.
Mchint | 20/20 vision by deluxe.[ .the Light.
Poets, priest s & politicians
Have words to thank you for their position s
Words that scream for your submission
And No one's jamming their transmission.
..when their eloquence escapes you
The Logic* ties you up & rapes you..- artist unknown, courtesy of the Internet row 04.

* ..frustrated Mexican radio ) wall of voodoo
.....radio Waves. ) . ) . R..) . Waters. ) ..) .
Music is my radar. ) .blur.
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