A Short Apology

Sometimes when I write blogs I never go back and comment. I apologize in advance if and when I do that lol. Not trying to offend anyone. I just get busy or I’m not even interested in what I wrote anymore lol.

I also do not respond to everyone that comments but I do read every comment.

Thank you!
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I'm guilty of that as well.
I remember a comment on one of my blogs. I was rude because I didn't reply to people..
I don't think I ever cared or worried that blogger commented or not.

I've always thought a blog was true to it's definition. An online journal where an individual, group, or corporation presents a record of activities, thoughts, or beliefs.

it's the participants that turn it into a debate or what ever they may grow into. replies of or from the original blogger are optional. Some prefer their blogs stay with in the tunnel visions they set forth. others have allowed their thoughts to leave for the day on the subject matter, possibly to never return.

some may very well be like the judges and referees of actual debates. give the subject matter and let it rip where ever it goes. minus the time frames. which can be entertaining to some, and much less desirable or worse for others.

I've not seen much where a blogger should be apologizing for not replying.thumbs up
Some people eh roll eyes
Philipsen. Right. If they want to be replied to they can comment on a blog that replies. Lol. But people think you purposely didn’t reply to them. It’s just so funny!

Draegoneer. Completely agree with that. I think feedback is more for a forum than a blog space.
Yeah. I remember this. Philly got scolded pretty bad for doing this. No one said a thing to the OP. We're always so forgiving when it comes to the ladies aren't we? The gent in us rears its s3xist heid! laugh

Not to worry. You've handled the scolding gracefully. Hats off.
If a blogger asks a question and it's clear that they want a reply then if people take the trouble to reply one would expect they would be acknowledged for their input. To reply in this case would be expected and would be considered good manners.

A question can also be implied, for example after describing a difficult experience the blogger went through they might say that they would love to know how to get their lives back on track. This is not a direct question, no question mark, but it really is a question that pulls at the heart strings of decent caring folk, so they put some thought into it and take the time to reply. The blogger also now has the benefit of that information but doesnt acknowledge the commenters input. Is that fair?

Also sometimes the story can simply move people to respond and offer advice or give valuable information without a question being asked or implied, but again some bloggers might benefit yet not respond.

Kids these days can get away with a lot, But Adults still acting like kids and feeling justified?

Have I covered everything here?

Just reply, be nice. rolling on the floor laughing
" no one said a thing to the OP "
So you didn't notice nurse Lou then?
seems to me you suffer with selective vision as do some, with their hearing comfort

Women are easily forgiven around here ....
We are in the same blog land.... aren't we confused

I agree he did handle the scolding gracefully however my free good advice ...
fell on deaf ears ... or so it seems roll eyes

Given I did apologize for running away with my sharp tongue....
I still stand grounded with my view on decency and good manners.

Not everyone round here has loose standards snooty
You covered it nicely handshake

Manners and courtesy is a dying trait these days.....
accepted and excused by some, which does not go unnoticed by others.
wow FAY! ... reunion
It's Great seein' that you weathered Hurricane Ian ... hug

No Worries & No Apology needed IMO, Maiden!

I sometimes Intentionally leave comments UnResponded to figuring that readers may be More interested in what Others have to say than just Me dominating my own blog.
The OP gets his/her say in the OP - Comments allow Others to sound off.


tip hat Witch!

No I haven't. Lou's milfy alright but she's not my cuppa. I tend to ignore her (if she's who I think she is btw laugh )

I am glad you apologised actually. Phil's a great chap and he's not the kind to put too much effort. Into this kind of staff, that is.
Right. I now understand. Given that it was you who reprimanded phil (I had forgotten that) for transgressing in a manner similar to what the OP describes above, I now fully understand why Merlot took the time and put in so much effort into his post above.

You know, I think you and Merlot should concoct a date. He's a great chap and you're a lady like no other. Both Irish, so you can practice your Irish. A match made in heaven I predict.
wave Lee

I had noticed you missing a while back....

Good seeing you have retuned again hug
It depends the type of blog where a little decency is called for or NOT.
Each to knowing or thinking their own difference between each....JMO.

I have to say its becoming rather interesting how some think myself and merlot should get together, but a question for you.... what makes you think we are not already entertaining each other roll eyes
I'm sure you are. I've seen you in action. You do it in public.
Eh not sure what that comments all about confused

but I will have you know, I do no such thing in public scold

As if snooty

What I do with my handcuffs is a private matter and for no other, but my poisoner alone devil

I love when we're on the same page cw. conversing wave
laugh You and I both wink
Erm. Did you not mean that you and Merlot entertain each other here on the public blogs? conversing
laugh laugh No flies on you is there Joey wink
Philipsen doesn’t need to reply. He’s too damn sexy. laugh

Fay I’m sorry I failed to notice that you survived Ian. I know you live in Florida. Glad you’re okay! applause
Nothing slips 10.000's falk eye.
Ayyye banana

I agree as usual, haha.

To 10k bouquet
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