The case of Alex Jones

Pretty good result don't you think? Almost $1bn - but will it do anything to stop the online misinformation, lying and conspiracists? Probably not unless Supreme court review of the media legislation makes the service providers liable. You can bet Jones is trying his utmost to conceal his assets. His company has already lodged for bankruptcy I understand. Rather like Trump that way. Would you give longer or shorter odds to Jones paying or to Trump submitting to the committee subpoena?
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Plenty of people doubt there was actually a 1969 Moon landing.

September 11 twin towers I noticed John Howard had front row seat and committed Australia to Bush's attack on Bin Laden the Afghan peoples, and Iraq.

Plenty of honest people believe Trump claims of endemic electoral fraud in the 2020 presidential election occurred. I am certain the matter has never been given a court hearing and even if it did, you or I would never know the truth.

Jones lost one or two claims i dunno about those however don't believe the judicial system in the US has any credibility what so ever just political clap trap I think
Your 'soliloquies' are not half as inspiring as Hamlet's.
In fact, they are more like the mantras that the sound of a blowfly might provide for a meditating Buddhist.
@vira without knowing whom you were addressing, nonetheless I can assure you you are technically incorrect - you might claim this is a monologue or a rhetorical question, but it is not a soliloquy, being addressed to an audience in a blog, and inviting response. Why anyone would want to make such a comment is mystifying. Why not instead try addressing the issue of telling preposterous harmful lies and profiting from them with claims that the dead children of Sandy Hook were not dead and their parents were just actors?

The obvious lies of Donald Trump are harder to prove, but hopefully the Dominion defamation cases against Powell and Giuliani will be successful but no doubt they will hand on hearts claim they genuinely believed what they said. Yet I seem to recall claiming 'no one in their right mind could believe what she said was intended seriously. Hoist on her own petard perhaps?
Ah well, @willy there's a story there isn't there! That was the idiot Bush Jnr era, wasn't it. Scot free indeed. Now in the washup of the Trump era more or less same story. Lie, defame, incite insurrection ... Scot free again in all likelihood. What's the moral, from your point of view?
Considering how bad things are I wouldn't silence anyone for the risk of making them look like a saint. I mean what does the mainstream of the culture stand for? A worse life for your kids plus the idea that women can have c*ck. It's right on the f*cking precipice of oblivion and the goody two shoes must recognize how exactly like Weimar Germany they are. Even if it spoke the truth the truth would be discredited by the fact that today's mainstream is the greatest failure history has ever known.
But if the future gets better instead of worse like it has for the last 15 years then people will start to laugh at Alex Jones. Just be a success and go back to telling people to think for themselves like we did before the decline. Easier said than done but you're not going to get anywhere by making life worse all the time, by making life more weird every day. Give society one good reason to respect you then you won't need to go after your opponents.
And if nothing else hear us with sympathy when you know that Australia is not nearly as woke nor as bankrupt as the rest of the west. We are 20 years ahead of you guys, 20 years ahead and 20 years more down the toilet. This is your future too you know unless you pay attention.
And here we go, another one with no shame doh
Alex Jones' lawyer: "We look very much forward to an appeal in this case ... From start to finish, the fix was in."
Wed, October 12, 2022, 1:23 PM
Alex Jone’s lawyer, Norm Pattis announced outside the courthouse that Alex Jones would be appealing the damages he has been ordered to pay to the families of the victims of the Sandy Hook massacre. In 2012, in Connecticut, a gunman opened fire on Sandy Hook Elementary school killing 26 people. Twenty of the victims were 6 and 7 year old school children. Following the shooting, conspiracy theorist Alex Jones spread the lie that the shooting was a hoax, that the parents of the victims were paid actors, and that it was all orchestrated by gun control advocates. He was just ordered by a court in Connecticut to pay around $1 billion dollars to the victims of his lies.

Another case of the coyote thinking they got the roadrunner sad flower

Meanwhile his website is still going strong

Ray, is your " peace " support for Alex?
When you see Alex Jones { on Infowars. are getting the scoop direct from the CIA..*
.when you see him in Court ..but still on TV..
You R reminded that magic has blowback.

* Catholic s in Action.

This information was gleaned from the 12th row, seat 3 of the Internet..) ..and from his cultural fame acquired via the Bohemian Grove dockumentary...+ The no.1 podcast of 2019 on Joe Rogan..( . another questionable asset..
Fargo doesn’t like him so he must be good laugh
That's not an answer...
I’m learning to answer questions Jac the gripper style yay
Question for the CStepford Amerikan.

Any of you recall Alex Jones on CNN..?
.( .as a guest "analyst".)...this would have been about 20 years ago...) .yeah, time flys...bye..

And extra credit. ) .For one Burger King Whopper, what typified Mr. Jones analysis on CNN ? ..

Here is a hint. ) .provided by memory
... social distortion. ) . machine gun blues.
....45.) . gaslight anthem
$0cial Q. } .cage the Elephant.
..a.r. } TV party. ) . black Flag.
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