Is there such a link

where I could search for any Americans killed or injured whilst assisting & helping in Ukraine?

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Thank you for that Willy, I much appreciate it handshake

Can't get in to view it properly but at least I can see my friends name is not there.
Last time he mailed me he was three weeks away from going home, he mentioned how the last mile always seemed the longest, but that was six weeks ago so its understandable my concerns.

Anyways, thanks again.
head banger
There's been 1 Kiwi solider killed in the Ukraine, he wasn't sent by the NZ army but went there on his own accord.. i don't what his roll there was, maybe a mercenary for money..
I'm not sure why you would assume that of him after all he risked his life for a cause he obviously felt for sad flower
Wouldn't be my way of thinking, but that's just me.

My friend also went of his own accord.
I know what his roll is but I won't say, but I am horrified and disgusted the Ukraine army accepted him, given his age thumbs down
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