Recollection of suspicion

Working for Andersens in 1998 as a contractor on the 2000 project (surely the greatest waste of money and resources of human history) we had occasion as a team to lunch at a Chinese restaurant. The managers by great good chance had let out their hourly rates, and the contract manager was on $1000 per hour, whereas the female Chinese graduate sitting opposite was on about $15. The big 5 are not generous with their first year graduates.
... the rather sharpish Chinese 'consultant' happened to bend down over a wide bowl of soup so that her mid neck-length straight cut hair swept down towards the soup and I stopped it with an extended right-hand index finger. Catching her look at me, with the pointer finger I pointed and said 'your hair was about to drink the soup'. A second or two later I saw her swish her head and hair low over the bowl left to right but I did not intervene. I didn't laugh or show any reaction because stuff like that can have serious consequences. Perhaps one should let the hair dangle in the soup, and the Walter Raleigh cloak legends would disappear too.
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