Dancing away the blues…

I don’t purposely exercise like I used to, but living in a townhouse and tending to Sweetie gives me apt opportunity for daily physical activity, at home. However, I need to do other things to get my daily dose of happy hormones, so I’ve decided to return to an old habit of adding ‘dance’ to my daily activities. Nothing formal though, just me, fun music and fun movements – turn on the radio, find something upbeat and ‘shake what my momma gave me’. LOL!laugh Sweetie probably needs some of that too...

Psychologists say that it’s not only great for the body, but for the mind as well, as it helps people who may be dealing with depression. I believe them. Whenever I’ve had a good dance session, it made me feel better physically and mentally; it puts a smile on my face and good thoughts in my head, every time. thumbs up

Had a frustrating day at work? Having challenges with a relationship? Feeling lonely, sad or depressed? Try dancing your blues away.
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At the gym I attend dance fit classes to my regime

I'm constantly dancing here at home as well

Music & laughter in my life is the best medicine ever
I agree i am going to try zumb next. grin still walk, excercise stretch class, read blogs and laugh my head off rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing
Ohh such a wonderful idea! banana ....since I had a bout of long covid last winter, my body has never completely recovered. For the past year I've felt very drained and fatigued daily and I just can't seem to shake it. Maybe if I push myself and feel that music and get my body moving on a daily basis it may help....certainly couldn't hurt dancing dancing dancing
Hey Didi,
Thanks for the dancing blog!
I stopped dancing, about time to dance again! laugh
Nice.thumbs up banana
Very nice.thumbs up dancing
Definitely. It'll get your blood flowing with healthy happy hormones.dancing boogie dancing dog
You're welcome. Enjoy!bananadancing dog dancing
I just may start that vigorous ritual today and see how that goes laugh cheering
No time like the present.wine
dancing banana dancing banana dancing banana
Had a good dance session on Tuesday. banana: applause Even Sweetie was feeling the vibe.laugh banana applause

Glad I did...
uh oh Careful of your hip.....laugh
laugh thumbs up

I dance with my grandkids all the time....makes me feel good..and keeps me young at heart...
Loved the video too.thumbs up
I like your profile
Thank you.wine
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