Edelweiss - CH I - The ALGORHYTHM [ LVI ]

Chapter I:

“Yet, when for the one protesting, asking the right to kill babies in the womb, it’s an offence be called a beast resembling a woman, no wonder why truth has no place among the blinded crowds, for they sway around truths with wording trickery, calling it abortion, scaling down to normality what is an abomination; what is truly murder, in cold blood, should be called as it is, and not twisting it to a need for pleasure, nor a delayed birth, nor one not being planned, nor the undesired children, nor anything else admitted as a general justification; crime is crime. But when in this world the deceit is worthy to follow, blinded crowds protesting under the shield of Lawlessness, asking the right to kill, as if isn’t enough innocent blood spilled from the hands of the pitiful doctors, and it is like the same situation when in ancient times children were offered to idols in obscure rituals, their statues of stones and wood asking the sacrifice, from the same humans resembling beasts. There are these beasts wearing women faces, claiming to the blind masses protesting for killing rights: let me be the one crowned with such privilege! – and their eyes sparkle begging the hand of the state: let me have this privilege of sacrificing my child! – for the killing, but worse, that is premeditated murder. While the blind crowds gather to ask rights to such abominations, there aside are the staff, in white clothes, celebrating the murder, near the shameful doctors from which their hands innocent blood flowing; all their hands are stained, a dark, coagulated red when the sun doesn’t turn its rays over their darkness, and on their foreheads is written: Murder. That is the unseen Reality, to which none of them answers, for they have not been in any real trial, for their deeds. This Reality, is seen for the awaken ones, while for the sleepers and the dreamers, for the blind and for the ignorant, normality, progress, evolution. What normality, indeed, to not even be able to call Murder as it is. What normality, indeed, to twist the sanity with madness, and the intelligence with stupidity, asking for the right to kill, premeditated murder, in cold blood, and to even protest for it, claiming then the Humane. It is nothing Humane, in murder. It is nothing Humane, in such deeds of even asking Justice, for what kind of justice is Lawlessness?! Yet, none of those murderers, being brought to a real Trial, none of those around them, do not dare to challenge anyone, in what truth is, and barely if someone else, from those passing by this pack of beast protesting for the right to murder, to even dare speaking against; that is what Ignorance has made from the people: something worthy to be grieved, and no wonder, then, the earth, suddenly, is too small for each of those beasts to fit it, and needs a general cleansing: there are the benevolent tyrants, awaiting to be unleashed over these slaves, there are those with the whip in their hands, there are those with swords ready to cut through the crowds, there are those who are let to conquer and rule upon their likeness, with cruelty, for this way, Justice is being served, to those claiming it. Isn’t that Justice, indeed, for these murderers to receive the payment for their deeds? – the death asking silently, from the shadow. There, demons are lurking, beyond human sight, awaiting each strike, to the world, like the very beasts feeding themselves from the others, in a hunger and thirst to devour such souls. Yet, on the surface, only voices chanting the songs to their idols, while others, with elevated speeches for the blind crowds gathering to claim their victory, in a spoiled society where luxury has turned people’s hearts in stones to be crushed by storms and floods.”

[ … ]

- Shall be continued…

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