I don't understand...it is actually funny/sad??

Two of my friends....there is one man and one woman....who are both single and enjoy their singlehood and sleep around with many different people. They both share the same meme..."don't cheat."

Both of these two have been with over 30 different partners....and the woman I have heard her say that s*x is just a physical act....and the man has told me he has been already with 3 different women in one night.

...and they are advising people not to cheat by sharing that meme. dunno
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From what I read in your blog, they both most likely don't consider it cheating in their mind because they don't consider themselves in a relationship. Kinda gives them an "out" to screw around with multiple partners.
That makes sense Loh.thumbs up
Sadly it seems to be the norm in today's society.....can't say that I would agree to those standards, though. Not my cup of tea......When I'm with one person, I just don't see others in that way....when love is with one, the attraction just doesn't exist within others....but that's just my two cents wine
Hello Red,

Thank you for that.

I think people should be what they want.

If you want to have a loving, fulfilling, caring, supportive, and secure relationship...you should bring that to the table with your character.

A person who has had many multiple partners...can they bring that sort of loving compassionate aspect to a relationship?

Research states that is less likely with the more partners one has.


You work out who you like best and then you pretend not to like anyone else. That's how love works.

But isn't your female friend just a little bit devalued by doing this? I mean any woman could be a massive slag technically speaking. It's within the ability of pretty much any woman to sleep with a lot of men.
Presumptuous of women as a whole and farthest from the truth......but I've learned, ya can't change one's belief once they have their mind set to it, it's all they see and can't be convinced otherwise doh roll eyes wine
Well last time I had a 3sum it was not much to write home about.
Besides my mum would probably have thrown the letter in the trash,
eh.. at least I hope so.. roll eyes

Singlees can screw all they want but do they get less sweet as people then?
Can't say cathegorically but I would not be surpriced if that was the case.
Also I think this is the reason it is warned against in the Bible.

Why they have their 'don't cheat' meme going...
I think it's them tryng to pretend they have the moral high ground here
as they are honest about their promiscuity.
Along those lines I guess.


Live and let live, it's their life and it seems thay r not hurting anybody else, so.
Unpaid whores with very low self-esteem.
Those behaviour create problems in society when men/women want to be gentlemen/ladies.
Where I don't see infidelity as always having to be the end of the road, after all it is just a physical act.
But that couple obviously don't desire each other ...
and that to me, makes it all come across rather sad sad
Oops I read wrong.... I thought the two were a couple doh
True-ish. At leats more true than false.

I would prefer they to keep a lower key and not try and sell it as something desireable.
But I see the newspapers are on the same bandwagon as more
sex related articles make up their clickbates.
at least

- laters, must be too tired to write. wave
Are they 'friends in need', one sided, their way?
CC...very true. Many women perceive...or automatically assume...that s*x for men is just as easy as it is for women. Men need to work for it verses women just getting it anytime they want. So...you are right, there is a difference.

Hello Grand,

I do agree...single people can sleep around all they would like. Maybe they wouldn't cheat if they were in a relationship. dunno However, what if they slept with people who were in a relationship and they knew it. Then maybe like you say, maybe it is just a moral high-ground ploy. dunno

Hello Friendship..

You know...both of these people I refer to have grown up in untraditional structured families. Perhaps there is something behind that. dunno

Hello CW,

According to what I am hearing....infidelity to a woman is different for a woman vs. a man.

They say, when a man cheats...it is most likely meaningless.


When a woman cheats...there is most likely more meaning to it.

Therefore, a woman is more likely to accept cheating than a man.


Hello Merlot,

That one...I am not sure about.

I'm not altogether too sure about that, not all women have the same traits ....
The traditional woman perhaps but the modern women these days, are as h*rny as men.

Or so I'm told roll eyes

Not my cup of tea, Johnny!
reason why I ain't getting any for a few years nowdoh

I don't think I'll be comfortable hanging around with these kind of friendssigh
That is what I am hearing too IW....women are being convinced to become more masculine...therefore as part of that becomes loose s*xual behaviors.

I know I didn't mention this, I know one of these friends actually had a s*xual relationship with a person who was in a relationship...thus being the reason why somebody cheated. uh oh

It is difficult to trust people like this.

well that person who was in a relationship can't be trusted either .
it's not right to judge them, what do we knowsigh
Ahh, so now the don't cheat meme stands out even clearer to me.
What they are saying is "you may cheat by fouking with us,
but that is not our responsibility:
we told you not to and after that statement
you're on your own and don't come complaining to us
afterwords (and not your partner either)"

There we are Johnny.

I agree about judging people...and what do we know. However, I think, it depends on how close you are willing to let someone enter your life. The closer you are planning on being with them, the more you have to use clear judgement about them. What I mean by clear judgement, I mean with no biases...but real objective facts. I would even rule out using intuition to some extent.

You are also correct on not being able to trust the other person as well.
That could be Grand...perhaps some sort of manipulation tactic.
Something else of curious observation...

This was on FB they shared that meme. It is funny how none of my other friends, who I know are respectful to their partners and to others in relationship, have not shared that meme.

...so far anyway. As soon as I find some time, I will just out of sh*ts and giggles check it out.
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