Video chatting with someone from a dating site

Would you block someone you met on a dating site for wearing a bathrobe for a video chat?
I exchanged contact details with someone on here and we arrange to do a video chat last night.
I called her and after only a couple of minutes of chatting, she asked me to change my clothes. I don't see what was wrong with me wearing a bathrobe for a video chat. I always have a shower in the early evening after work and was just wearing what I normally would be wearing at the time we started chatting.

She asked me to change my clothes so I did then called her back but she didn't want to answer. I said I had changed my clothes but she said she didn't want to chat with me.

I don't know why she felt so uncomfortable about what I was wearing.
I don't know if she thought I was going to expose myself on our video chat or what or whether maybe her upbringing meant that is was highly inappropriate for someone to do a video chat with her and to always dress appropriately for the occasion.

I tried to explain but she was having none of it and just blocked me from messaging apps and on this dating site.

I just find the whole situation and her ridiculous and crazy.
Why couldn't she have just asked me to change my clothes and then call her back as if nothing had happened?
Or why couldn't she have just ignored what I was wearing?

It says she lives in London but I could tell from her accent, she was possibly Russian, Ukrainian, Moldovan or some other Eastern European country originally.

If anyone has their thoughts on this, I look forward to hearing from you.
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It's like wearing your pyjamas to the supermarket, not to everyone's liking. She didnt like it, probably couldn't get an image out of her head. thumbs down
You don't have to wear any underpants, but do wear a shirt. It helps to look competent.
Well I still think she went way over the top. No need to respond the way she did. She could have just asked me to change into something else better and allowed me to call her back. She's just absolutely ridiculous and crazy in my opinion.
Perhaps she seen it as an excuse and ran with it roll eyes
Dressed like you were, she may have thought that you were planning to 'flash' her. She doesn't know you, and she may have had past experiences of being sent nude/lewd photos, etc by pervs. So next time, don't dress so 'comfortably'.giggle
You know what women are like. So fickle. If you put a shirt on it won't guarentee your safety, you'll just have to stop caring
I think you misunderstood her, she was telling you to put a robe on maybescold
First impressions are very important, would you attend a job interview wearing shorts and a t-shirt?
Would you wear your pyjamas if meeting her in person for the first time?

Of course not, as that would be inappropriate just as wearing a bathrobe is inappropriate for a first video chat.

If you cannot understand that, then the girl made the right choice to block you.
Yeah bad choice. There's kind of a unwritten law that says if a guy comes to the door in a bathrobe you better run. I'd think a video chat falls under the same category. Smh
If anyone has their thoughts on this, I look forward to hearing from you.

You killed it with the wrong attire.
Lesson learned.
Move on...
Well just ask yourself, what would have been your reaction with the boot on the other foot? Not exactly boot of course but ... I've conducted online lessons for over 10 years and never met anyone in any state of undress. I question your social awareness.
To me there was nothing wrong with you wearing a robe. But to some people it’s a turn off. It’s like me not wearing makeup at home when men want on the spot selfies. One man deleted me because I wasn’t made up. Well come on. It’s in the middle of the night at MY HOUSE. I’m not gonna look presentable. One of my friends suggested that I have selfies prepared with makeup on that’s NOT on my profile when people request photos. I said nah not doing that. It gets super ridiculous I know. I go through it too. It’s maddening.
And I’ll give you a laugh before I go…honestly he probably thought I was catfishing him because I look night and day different without makeup. laugh

Must be why I don't video chat.i don't have a bathrobe.tongue
Lame excuse. It's not like you showed up c0ck in hand or something like that. dunno
It could have been the next step.? dunno
Wearing a bathrobe certainly makes it easier for a quick flash.laugh
What a world we live in. However, how did you conclude that it was the makeup/lack of what caused the chap to flee for dear life?
Neither do I!

But someone from Canada gave me a Skype call once, in the middle of the night, and caught me in bed with the cam on.
I was only wearing my birthday suite. blushing
Like? Jenny?

What's going on on here lately? uh oh
well that's certainly one way of showing someone, just what their missing giggle lol

Each to their own ways roll eyes

If you have your opinion why ask ours?

Learn the etiquette of any situation before assuming. frustrated
No, his name wasn't Jenny!

He was a good looking guy and this was the first time we Skyped.
But he did say afterwards that he liked to see women "au naturel", with no make up and the hair all roughed up.
I think I'm perfectly entitled to my own opinion of my own post as well as asking the opinion of others.
Personally I see nothing wrong with it since you accommodated her in changing your clothes. For her no wanting to take your call sounds like she's got some issue of some sort. I mean, it was in your own home after all, and you weren't nude. Be glad that she threw her own "red flag" out before you invested any more time and energy in getting to know her.
I don't celebrate Halloween or any other satanic celebrations or rituals. laugh
Hey, Jenny is not the only one living in Canada.
Besides, it was a man who had forgotten about time zones. (A nice man!).
Miss Itchy, for your info...I was covered up to my neck with my duvet.
What he was interested in was seeing me "au naturel" with no make up and my hair a bit fluffed up wink
Just curious, in french is that au naturelle? or
"au naturel" ?
Haha Ozie...
In French it's au naturel...meaning in English natural.

Used as an adjective..
Un air naturel...(masculin)
Une femme naturelle...(feminine)

Et voilà. wink
Been there and done it with sandals on for a part time job and now work there full time and in the summer it is shorts and t-shirt and steel toe shoes at work.
On another dating site I was chatting to a member and we were talking about doing a skype and I asked could I do it nude and then she realised I wasn't joking about my nudist life style so she was more happy it I was clothed.
Well at least you asked her. rolling on the floor laughing
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