It appears to be ‘mating season’ for canines, as there have been sightings of dog-group activities along different streets, in my area, since last week. Sweetie has been spayed so she’s not a part of any such activities (thank God).

Anyhow, I wondered about us humans in this matter, and recently read that we are considered to be ‘continuous breeders’, as opposed to most other creatures who are classed as ‘seasonal breeders’, hence mating season isn’t a thing for us. However, scientific data gathered within the last decade suggests that we are indeed seasonal breeders…somewhat.

This suggestion was based upon the data that reflected the results of heavy s*xual activity causing the majority of births, STDs, condom purchases, and even abortions to occur during the month of SEPTEMBER (each year). Which seems to tag the Christmas holiday period as the most popular ‘mating season’. I could certainly understand that happening for happy

Causes for the spike in s*xual activity? The list includes cold weather (more cuddling, perhaps?), more parties/dating/friendly get-togethers, lots of drinking, happy and free-spirited atmosphere.

“Since the holiday season is the most common time for people to couple up, it’s being called “cuffing season,” meaning you cuff yourself to someone, in the romantic sense. Around this time of year, we often focus on relationships, be they with friends, family, or someone special. Singles can feel lonely around the holidays. Plus, there are a ton of parties and social events and a lot of people don’t want to go alone. Family members too are known to nosily inquire about the love lives of single relatives, which can act as a motivating factor.” (

As this would be my first Christmas with CS, I’m wondering whether this realization would make a difference with my own ‘dating mood’ on here? hmmm daydream

Has there ever been a noticeable increase in the desire (by oneself and or others) on CS during the Christmas season, as the excerpt suggests?
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Not applicable to me.
Unless my season is once every 20 years. dunno
I wonder when mating seasons is in china. Probably every 2 seconds.
i only mate with my very own hands
Well, at least you have the drive to do that. Let me tell you, that's apparently quite rare for a woman.

doh This was for Friendship's comment.
Eh? confused
Well O-K then...batting
Honesty is that surprising nowadays di, yeah? Ehh ... what a world we live in.
Did you believe me? laugh
The Season for Loving -

Extract from an article on blackbirds.

Could the same be said of human nature, weren't laws introduced to try to prevent this from happening? It's going against nature. How does that make women feel?
That reminds me I should re-blog the menopause blog I deleted a while ago...
wave Merlot, did the article say whether the male had already mated with her? If so, then his fear that she would mate/be mated with another/others when he leaves (for whatever reason), may be viable.
As for the "laws introduced to try to prevent this from happening?", I'm not sure which you're referring to. The male being 'over-protective', or the female being 'adulterous'?
In answer to the first part it didn't say.

To the second part, we don't know the laws of the land but the church laws are there.

To explain further, presumably there was no marriage or things were loose so males and females did what they wanted. Then men wrote laws to prevent this 'looseness'. But in reality it was aimed at the women.
"But in reality it was aimed at the women."

Yeah, as though women were the only instigators....blues Just one of the many many male-directed attempts to suppress women over the past centuries...sigh
Does it say anything about the men who wrote the religous books, and the books themselves.
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