Edelweiss - CH I - The ALGORHYTHM [ LXI ]

Chapter I:

“Lawlessness conquers city upon city, nation upon nation, for the ruling hands adhering to the throne, for this is the punishment of rebellious people: their tyrants. Therefore, one could understand why must never participate to their protests, which anyway, are in vain: as long as nothing affecting each one, in particular, no revolt, for the mess around them, while when in a way or another, the interactions in society catches them in the middle, they are rebelling, most of times, doomed to fail, or in a twist of fate, to be spinning around the given privileges from the hand of the state. One must stay away of these “acts of charity” who will pursue the same turmoil into the world, for the real benevolence is distinguished by the wickedness in disguise, which is done through good deeds apparently even with best intentions, while their real meanings or purposes, might differ, in a Reality. How one can distinguish such deception, might depend from a human to another, for each of them, has 1st of all and before all, its own identity. Yet, generalized, a simple example must be given, for the need to distinguish what is real, of what is merely an illusion. The poverty that happens over this earth, is due to the greed of people, regardless of any status on society’s ladder, ranking or entitlement. Same, richness that is seen through the abundance of others, is most of times due to the greed combined with what is envy, without the counting of the means through which it’s acquired, nor judgment over what is fairness in all. It happens, often, in these modern times, that the chains being set tighter and tighter, society being caught in wars who don’t belong to them, being led to mass participation in what will be revealed to them as a form or slaughter. Starting with various crisis, long time planned ahead until the events in the making that can shake the world from the ground, and continuing with the actors in play, delivering the lawlessness further, can be distinguished the same need for order and control, either be there through coercion or a radical factor being implemented. However, while at the surface all seem muddy, and the level of confusion to increase due to the multitude of ensembles of a whole which in fact, hunts down globalization, as deeper one gets into the core of things, can distinguish what’s the source of all the possible paths leading to tyranny. One then recognizes that no tyrant in this world, can’t come in power, without the helping hands of its supporters; some of them, faithful servants, driven by greed, when by any means of corruption, are being caught in the net, through association, partnership, common goals to achieve, while payment, comes in all shapes, by any means of currency, exchange, or favors and gifts, ranking and titles; while others, being the majority, are temporary servants, oriented to be the peasantry serving their masters, the commoners, the plebs, regardless of any placement in society’s distribution through classes, nor upon being supervised or selections being done among them, targeting the others, - in one word, the obedient ones, becoming like an extension of the helpful hands of governance, by partaking in all the possible crimes, willingly, or without even to notice, driven by ignorance in most cases, or without to assume responsibility for their actions, in many times being noticed forms or coercion, if not diversity of tactics for control, based on behaviorism. As long as people can not understand how they are driven to poverty, that understanding meaning the opposition, clearly, to order-following, or to the blindly herding by opening their senses wide into distinguishing what repercussions have their actions, it is pointless to pronounce the guilt of those assigned to rule, for they are not much different of those of the crowds."
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- Shall be continued…

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