I couldn't do what she does,.. (and certainly NOT for free).

A woman loves cleaning so much she gave up her job as a professional to travel the world and scrub homes for free. Auri Katariina, 29, quit her job as a service manager at a cleaning company in the summer of 2021, to pursue her passion of cleaning other people's homes for free. Auri, who says she is in "heaven" when she cleans, and visits people from all over the world to assist them clean their filthy or cluttered homes. wow

Huh? The smell of the chemical fumes and the sight of all that muck, would make me puke for sure. Ewww!barfblues

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Hope not all her clients are mentally deviant...

On thing is dirty,
another is what we see in the example video.
wave G, I don't think so. In the article, she stated that she does this mainly for people who are in great need of help, mostly women with families but socio-economically challenged.
I've heard of and known people like this. Unfortunately I've never been able to latch on to one, but the complete opposite? Yes!
"mostly women with families but socio-economically challenged."

that stuff there reminds me of those woman who have 78 cats in a locked up apartment...
Should probably be in a home... if you can't take care of yourself.
But anyways,
The finnish lady... is awsome. handshake
She certainly is.
In stink... think you're on it laugh
You will find men (unskilled general operatives / labourers) sweeping up on building sites, cleaning the kitchen, toilets and making the tea.
They appeared to be fully at ease with doing this but I used to wonder if they did the same at home.
Usually, people who have an 'inclination' towards a certain skill would practice it wherever they see the opportunity. If you do something because it's easy, or therapeutic, then you'll probably do it at home, as well as at your job.
I came home Saturday with a pizza expecting to eat lunch and read a few blogs.
That's when you posted this blog... laugh

I lost my appetite and had to switch gears to a music video!
laugh Oh Oh. Sorry about that Chat.hug
Yet you think this type of skill is repugnant?
Not the skill, but the environments? Oh yes! Add to that the chemicals that have to be used and that's not something that I could stomach in the LARGE quantities that she does. Some of my own home-cleaning is already a 'chore' for me.blues
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