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On the daily, I usually get about a dozen emails....mostly I just drop the x's and delete as I am not looking for anyone on here (says it on my profile). Once in a while I get those who are persistant and send two or three...only then do I open out of pure curiosity as to what kind of conversation he is having amongst himself to send so many....and then, I delete. And sometimes.....I notice, those are the ones that first send a greeting message with some lame (and sometimes downright obnoxious) pick up line....and the next is wondering why I haven't responded....and then again, all of a sudden, saying how i'm an ugly @ss among other insults. uh oh ....hmm first yer tryin to be all into me (though at times in a nauseating way)...and then all of a sudden because I don't respond, I'm ugly and nasty, or whatever words ya choose.....well, dang, make up yer mind already.....like flippin a damn coin confused Funny, though, those are usually the faceless ones that do that. dunno Then people wonder why I don't even bat an eye at the faceless profiles (providing I hadn't seen yer pic once before)....roll eyes conversing

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Yea it will remain an enigma. frog
Nothing enigmatic about it, really. They just get butthurt over rejection and bam! ....out comes the true colors doh roll eyes

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You don't understand them?
Why don't you set your mail to blocking mail from men?
I do and I don't. Plain and simply put....if you email someone...and they don't email ya back, move on to the next, they obviously weren't interested. Insulting or degrading them because they don't respond to you is childish and certainly will not change their mind. It will only get ya blocked. scold dunno
Honestly, in the years on and off that I've been here, I never thought to do so.....so thanks for the input wine
I just noticed the option recently, after ten years wasted...laugh
....Seems that would be you and me both conversing laugh
I've gotten mail from some very interesting men, if I was looking I would have interacted with them. I tried to be nice to a few in the beginning when I had pictures up. But then it all went to hell, so I just block them all. Most are too far away and I've had a couple long distance flings and they weren't worth my time.
Nono, don't block me Ten...crying

Red, you can block them all you want thumbs up


(should I press enter on this post... heck yea rolling on the floor laughing )

"if I was looking"? You have found someone else here? Not looking, I take it.......

Yea....that big pond can be a bugger.....a lot easier said than done when you've known the person online for years.....Makes me just want to hop a freightliner doh .....wine
Ya know, Luv......I often wonder what goes through your mind, really.....and ya do realize I have other means of communication with him, right? doh .....I don't use this site for that. Come on, now....use yer head roll eyes laugh
No I have no one and want no serious relationship. I've been married twice and had one good relationship after that, plus I'm too jealous. Most men want friends with benefits and I don't do that at all.
Oh I hear ya there....just never thought the other would have a more prominent little green monster than me laugh ...but I'm Ok with it...and I don't blame ya about the FWB....not my cup of tea either dunno wine
All I get are scammers.

Seriously, some people don't like rejection and will pour it on when rejected. Look at it this way, they show their real face when they do that and you know who to avoid.
Oh yes, pour it on, they do.....but eh, I avoid everyone in general lol....nothing personal, I just stay clear of email conversations these days. I’m quite content being the hermit that I am laugh
Scammers can be a form of entertainment on this site, with scammers bringing new tactics to the table all the time..
I like to see how many new members actually make it past loosing the mew member tag, maybe 1 in 15 might do it..
I still haven't reported a scammer to this day, someone else is doing a great job reporting scammers..
Oh I agree there are lots of scammers....however the ones I’m referring to in the blog are real people.....they just get rude and nasty when they don’t get a response from me. They’re all nice when they send the first message but once they discover they didn’t get a response from me, that niceness turns to degrading insults. Just butt-hurt and sad, really. wave
I don't have many email conversations myself, usually just lurks on the forums. I'm like you and not really looking and don't want to give the wrong idea so I just stay on the forums (or here off and on).
That’s exactly what I do. ...only on the blogs. Never really was a fan of the forums. handshake
I take it they go from blog conversation to private message conversation ?
I have had private conversations that's carried on from a blog, its always gone down the subject of the blog.. Most of the bloggers are pretty cool in PM as well..
No, not at all....I only speak to one person from here away from the blogs as of late....but the convos don’t come off the blogs into emails. The emails I get are from other CS members....not bloggers.
99% of the people using PM do not read profiles.
Funny I have no picture up but get; Hi beautiful love your profile,
My profile tells that I am married.
Sometimes I answer and tell them that for a start it is not good to lie...................wave
Ok, I won't block you. You need not worry about that. smitten
Ah bless you... phuuu! rolling on the floor laughing
For pete's sake, that's what profiles are for lol come on now......I also get the "you have such a beautiful smile in your picture"......well...erm...maybe I'm smiling on the inside....but really? confused rolling on the floor laughing

Men are funny, just sayin wine
Ten, dear.......Ozzie.....play nice you two professor tongue wink rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing
I avoid most correspondence for good reason, but I will interact occasionally, just to see what happens..

Hello, how are you, one of my least favorite incoming messages, but easy to respond to..

If an obvious scammer I'll write back..

How are you? Yeah, I don't know, This is always the tough question, right? I'm easy going with a good sense of humor to some extent. I could write a book about sh*t you just can't make up..

And anyone I feel may be real but obviously not read my profile..

How are you? Yeah, I don't know, I'm easy going with a good sense of humor to some extent. It's a longer story, but I'm not sure you'll stick around that long, so I’ll keep this brief. I've written a bit about me, my interests, and what I'd like in a friend. If you would, please tell me about you, your interests, and what you'd like to know from me? I don't have more specific questions, but look forward to reading your response.. Jack

I might do FWB, if I'm the only F.. banana

Well, Jack....I’m spoken for cheering ....but I’m sure there may be other “F’s” out here in blogland that may may take you up on that wine
With the amount of emails that pass through on here, I can’t be bothered with long winded lol....I save that for the blogs.......I just delete because I’m not single dunno ....but I may just do as TOC has said and just put a block on all male profiles, in general, to save me the trouble wave
Have you or anyone else reported a profile because of nasty or stalker type messages in PM ? and if so did you get a result ?
Have you or anyone else reported a profile because of nasty or stalker type messages in PM ? and if so did you get a result ?[/quote

Yes....actually. I had reported Blackmeat010 and Blackmeat2. Both have emailed me multiple times with "Hey Baby can i Have your whatsapp number?" of course...both from papua new guinea and both in their 30's probably the same scammer.....sent so many messages with the same content....even after I blocked both accounts....how are they still able to send messages? confused ....so I finally reported them...have not heard anything yet. Ridiculous...just very persistant mumbling wave
It makes you wonder if the MODS really watch the site, they must because a some bloggers and threaders have had some Time Out.. wave
Hah! yea, no kiddin.....nothing gets done about the harrassment via email, regardless of blocking, yet...the blogs get removed for similar action....one of mine from recent days was removed but eh...what are ya gonna do, I suppose laugh
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