Are you superstitious? Do you believe in things that bring good luck or cause bad luck?

Superstition -
1. excessively credulous belief in and reverence for the supernatural;
*a widely held but irrational belief in supernatural influences, especially as leading to good or bad luck, or a practice based on such a belief.

Just as each country has its own history and folklore, it probably has its own cultural superstitions as well. Many of us have relatives and friends who may have introduced us to a few popular, well-trusted ones and we may have concocted our very own, over the years. Some of them are funny, some are spooky and some are sensible.

Here are a few from my homeland:
1. If a butterfly comes into your home, you would see someone you have not seen in a long time. If the person appears anytime within the month, it is common for a person to notify the visitor that the sign of their visit was given.

2. If a green grasshopper comes into your home, you would get money. You must ensure that it is not harmed by children and pets in your home in order to secure your upcoming fortune.

3. If a pigeon drops a load on your head, face, shoulders or back, you would receive good luck. Usually, the good luck means that you would get an unexpected large sum of money.

4. If you point your finger at a cemetery, it would rotten and fall off. People usually pass a cemetery without looking in its direction to avoid any bad luck that the spirits may bring.

5. Do not pick fruits or the leaves of plants for medicinal purposes after 6 p.m. because the plants are sleeping and something bad would happen to you if you do. If you are going to pick them early in the morning, you must talk to them first to make sure they are awake.

6. You must turn around at your doorway and walk backwards inside your home to look a jumbie (i.e. an evil spirit) in its eyes. It is said that when a spirit follows you home, it grabs on to your back like a child so that you can carry it with you inside of your house. Turning around and walking backwards into your home scares the jumbie, it jumps off of your back and stays outside.

7. After combing out your hair or cutting it off, you must not throw the hair outside or something bad would happen. It is said that obeah men and women (aka witches or sorcerers) collect the loose hair of persons who throw it away. The hair assists them in performing rituals for their clients. If they are hired to remove sickness from a person, then that disease would be transferred to the person who owns the hair.

What are some of yours? Have you had instances when your superstition/s made you act very strangely whilst in the company of others?
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Non myself of that sort BUT I have a tendency of compulsive behavior.
And that can be a annoyance at times. Typically at bedtime.
A German one from my mum: If you hum with food in your mouth, you'll marry a drunkard. laugh
"...BUT I have a tendency of compulsive behavior."

Is it something that you use to improve your luck or make you successful?
laugh That's funny, but what is the reasoning behind that? Humming whilst you eat generally attracts German drunkards? grin dunno
Nonono... it's purely a negative thing. It's out of fear. But enough about it.

Do I fear the number 13 or black cats or something, no - all cool there.
Wow, no superstitions? hmmm Could it be that you aren't AWARE that you do?
Let's just say I have enough trouble as it is rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing but thanks haha


There's a saying in German that starts with, "Warum, warum ist die Banane krum?" which translates to, "Why, why is the banana bent?"

I only remember the English translation of the answer, "because if it wasn't bent it wouldn't be a banana."

I've never really had a sense that the Germans are great reasoners, but despite stereotyping to the contrary, we are, in fact, a very funny people. laugh
Bemidbar (Numbers) 12 6 And He (G-d) said: 'Hear now My words: if there be a prophet among you, I the LORD do make Myself known unto him in a vision, I do speak with him in a dream.
12 7 My servant Moses is not so; he is trusted in all My house;
12 8 with him do I speak mouth to mouth, even manifestly, and not in dark speeches; and the similitude of the LORD doth he behold; wherefore then were ye not afraid to speak against My servant, against Moses?'

I don't believe in giving credence to any superstition. If G-d wills it, it cannot be undone. If G-d wills that it not be, it cannot be done.

Ever since my buddy died, I been seeing the number 11:11 all the time everywhere. I googled one night and come to the conclusion that it was a sign of good fortune and one should make a wish so that is what I been doing and its always the same wish, pot, pot, and more pot. Ever since making that first wish, I been swimming in more pot than I know what to do with.
Thanks for sharing Iyyov. wine
laugh Track, you do have some funny stories about you and pot. So I guess 11:11 is your 'good luck' charm for life!
The night when I logged on youtube and every video on the page was 11 minutes 11 seconds long, that made me pay attention.
My sister takes #5 very seriously, and would not allow me (or anyone else) to pick anything from trees/plants in our yard after 6pm. That's a no-no.scold
Wow. In my homeland, there's a betting game called 'Playwhe', where numbers are used to denote certain things. If you lived here you would probably have placed bets using those #11, in an attempt to win money. It's called "playing a mark", I think.
Roll on Armistice Day. laugh
Pot is the drug against wars smile smoking
I think the belief alone creates the luck, be it good or bad, that you experience. Say, for instance, that you associate the item with good luck, you bribe that item is good luck so, yes, you may feel lucky......however....if you were to take that same item and train yourself to believe it’s bad.....associate it with negative feelings....then it may bring negativity and bad luck. I think it’s just taking those negative or positive feelings and associating them with an object and using that object as a symbol of your energy. So whether you’re feeling positive or negative about a circumstance, the feeling itself may determine the outcome....not the object. If any of that makes sense wine
Living with a lady who was very superstitious; "Jenny don't put your purse on the floor, that is how your money gets lost"
She had a lot of them. New year, she would drop four penny's one to each side............

One day I dropped a fork and just then had my sister on the phone.
"Hey, Marg I just dropped a fork what does that mean?"
"Jenny what that means is you now have to bend down to pick up that fork" Right!

No, I really don't have any superstitions..................
People generally think Friday the 13th is going to go bad for them. As for me, I usually have pretty good Friday the 13th's. laugh
Yep, that makes sense...hmmm thumbs up
wave BJ, I've heard of the first one that you mentioned. My mom used to tell me not to put my purse on the bed when I got home from work, or wherever, but I don't recall what the reason was. It may have been because of her superstition, or her concern for a hygienic reason.dunno
Yep, I've also heard about that superstition, and there's even a horror movie about it (I think) but don't really believe that it's a 'bad luck' day, either.
Dirt bikers like to put a few scratches on their new bikes before they ride them, it helps with the fear of throwing your new bike down the road and its impossible to a new bike properly when its bran spanker new..
New dirtbike helmets need to be thrown down the road to put few scratches on them to, because you don't want your head to be in the helmet when the first scratches come to the new helmet.. laugh
Strange superstitious behaviour uh oh. Seems as though they were trying to pre-empt what they thought would be inevitable. But what if those thing didn't happen?
Hi Didi wave Many Thai beliefs are similar to yours.
For example, today (that is, the full moon night of the 12th month or the 15th day of the 12th lunar month is the full moon day. is Loy Krathong day)

We will have beliefs that arise from many beliefs of each area, including:
- To express gratitude for the river that allows us to live, drink and use water, as well as to ask for forgiveness from the goddess Ganga who has thrown various filth into the water that causes the water source to be unclean.

-In most krathongs according to belief We are popular to cut nails, hair or put coins into the krathong' and then floated in the river in order to relieve misfortune, sorrow, sorrow, and disease to float with the river

Yes, I'm superstitious... but I don't wish to talk about it.
Superstition is a belief in supernatural forces surely.

I prefer not to be as I see it as a form of controlling .
hmmm Very interesting, JJ. Thanks for
No problem Chat. I respect
wave TM, I could see why superstitions can have a controlling effect upon us. We may depend too much on them as a guide to how we act, or react. Is that what you mean?hmmm
Yes Didi I did mean just that.

Superstitious beliefs may help promote a positive mental attitude, but they can also cause some people to make irrational decisions.

We should always rely on our own judgement rather than the harbingers of good luck as it could lead to disappointment and disillusion.

Just my personal opinion.handshake
Dirt bikers ride far better when their bikes are covered in mud, mud brings the most important things into view like getting home safely..
The guys with new bikes ride like school girls until they throw their bike down the road, then they go home and cry over their scratched up bike.. laugh
Ride it like you stole it, is always best...
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