Well, the time has come once again....

For the last several years since my children have grown into adults, I have been traveling about, exploring this beautiful country. I go where there's opportunities and in some cases, where I'm needed....a bit of a nomad, I suppose. I came back to Connecticut to help my daughter with some things and now that my help has been rendered, the grandkids are now all in school, it's time to move on again, so as not to hinder her progress in adult life. Though, I'm not sure if I plan to leave Connecticut before or after winter, I also have to decide where my next destination will be dunno ....and where I can serve a purpose to help others. And different environments where to begin my art sales again. I have already lived in Florida, Oklahoma, New Mexico and Connecticut. California looks promising, but maybe some input from others here can give me some insight as to a good destination conversing wave

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(HQ) ROZALLA - Are You Ready To Fly (1992)

Alaska would be a interesting challenge
Ah, yes, it definitely would be....beautiful place......but not sure that I am advanced enough just yet to take on that challenge on my own. uh oh laugh
Maybe somewhere on the north east coast.
lol....I have visited up and down the east coast a million times in my lifetime.....but still....I'm undecided, so we shall have to see. laugh
Come to Canada, that way I can visit laugh

Think of the places you haven't been and pick one from that.
LOL I won't be leaving the country any time soon. This country is my home. There is so much more, here, alone, to explore. And there's a large list of places I haven't been to yet.....Arizona....California....Washington....Texas....Michigan....Pennsylvania.....the list is so long lol laugh
Well Track, you tried yea..
LOL....One day ya'll will figure out that I am not looking rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing
Weigh it all up, do some research and when the time comes, make a choice.
lol yes I tried laugh
Oh yes, I'm sure, eventually, I will make that choice. But, although I may not make that choice here, I'm taking all advice into consideration wave
laugh laugh
my azz

rolling on the floor laughing bouquet
Best piece of advice I can give is to maybe visit a few prospective places before making the move, see first hand what it will be like there.
ermm....you know I am not. You know who he is. tsk tsk ...stop tryin to cause trouble scold
Ah, ok I'll adjust my statement.
Not looking much further ..aha gattchya' handshake

M People - Don't Look Any Further (Original Version)
Not looking further at all. ....but thank you for the adjustment handshake
yea...here's the thing....when I go, I go......that's the whole adventure of it, I suppose. laugh wine
Ahh, it's just been an overwhelmingly stressing evening for me. sigh blues moping
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