Settling the farm into winter.

Yippee! Two more warm days. Been saying that for a few weeks. All the plants are in the house or basement. Just a couple in the loggia yet. Chairs stacked and covered, fountain, statuary moved or covered. Leaves raked. Leaves raked. Leaves RAKED! H$^&^$YETU#%^very mad frustrated I..hate...oak..trees!
Last of my concrete sculpting for the year. Just chinking in the pump room corner in barn. What I would do to the idiot who came up with dry stack stone walls!! Over the last 100 plus years, the bulk of the sand that fills has leaked out. So I break off mortar to expose the holes. Then use sticks and shove concrete through into the voids. So far, up from floor two feet. Mix, shove, mix, shove....geeze will it
NEVER fill? Finally packed in. Then use hand full with nitrile glove to slap and mush to surface. Let harden to attack later. I will make a push the next two days to get as far as I can and then it sits for winter. I checked the boulders that are the end of that wall. Must have taken a team of Percherons to drag them and a few guys to wrench them into place. Not worried they will shift! I cant believe I did the outside of that wall a couple years ago and pounded in bags and bags of concrete and STILL voids from inside.
I found the old two toed hen dead by the gooses bathtub. Surprised she came out of the barn. Had been staying hidden behind stuff. Other day, carried her inside. Guess she wanted to see the sun her last times.
Went to lock up a bit early. Head count chickens...hmm... Did chores and here comes two hens and their rooster into the barn. HA! You almost missed lock up. Head count. 20. Again. 20. OK! Whos still out! mumbling Went out and chick chick...buck buck. sigh Back in and count. Yep..two short. Black hens? Back out and here come a hen and a rooster. Good thing they come when I call.
Got up a 4am and went outside to see blood moon. Where? Hmm. Must have gone behind the bluffs already. Oh well. What the diff is between a quarter, or half moon and total. Still the earths shadow.
Tree climber coming tomorrow to take limbs off one oak. I will tell him, $400 for those. If I add a 100 or 2, what else will you take off. I wish for both oaks to be gone. One day they will get it. Although on patio and wind blowing and watched an oak leaf blowing high up from...?? Canada? I cant win.frustrated
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