Very good night for the Republicans so far

Let's keep this BIG RED WAVE GOING!!! head banger

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Coincidence with the "Blood Moon" being red, and the Big Red Wave going on tonight? thumbs up

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Even keel at the mo

If the Republicans get it all their way then it simply means more kids will be murdered
How do you figure? Most Republicans are against abortion (murdering of babies).
My post had nothing to do with terminations

My post was about the NRA paying zillions of dollars to Republicans where Republican politicians support children being slaughtered at schools with all sorts of weapons that should only be used when sent to war

People in America don't like new idea's to be discussed when it comes to owning guns..The same should apply to woman who shouldn't be told what to do with their bodies

Your Supreme court make decisions based on who they support when it comes to politics instead of making decisions that are law

The Taliban tell their women what to do as do ISIS

Republicans thought they would win by a landslide..The Democrats are doing well

It's a good thing some who trump endorsed were defeated..Fingers crossed another Republican who has morals will replace all the HOO HAA when it comes to Trump..Republicans need a real man a real leader who will give the Republicans their identity back and what they truly stand for

Whilst Trump isn't on the ballot the world is a safe
Red wave? Not exactly is it? Still expected outcome is both houses red - ironic meaning to Reds under the bed, don't you think? If you ask me this current era of Reds under the bed is far scarier than the McCarthy era.
I can not believe that Fetterman pulled out the win. Just makes me wonder how much of those votes were sympathy votes. I don't care who they are, and what party that person is from, one should never give a sympathy vote!
I can't believe there is always an excuse when it comes to people on CS not getting their own way
No excuse, I'm sure there was an awful lot of those sympathy votes!
Fetterman hasn't got 50% yet!
The voters vote said we believe & trust fetterman

A stroke doesn't make a person less of a human being
I believe Pa. doesn't do a runoff vote like Georgia does. So Fetterman won unfortunately...
Looks like the dems exceeded expectations. Clearly no sweep for the republicans. Election deniers and conspiracists have to be disappointed. thumbs up
Election deniers will be creeping out of the woodwork soon enough, never fear! laugh rolling on the floor laughing
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In terms of the usual mid-term outcome trends this appears to be a significant defeat, or at least a significant disappoint. GOP has nothing whatsoever to crow about, do they? Not much doubt about the house, but the senate hangs on a knife edge, probably to be determined in a runoff.
There were a lot of people who mistakenly voted for fetterman by mail-in ballot before his only debate.
I knew Oz was not going to win, as soon as he had Trump at his late rallies.

Trump is toxic for Republicans....and, he brings nothing but shame to the party.

Also, the far right stand on abortion....they may never win a presidency again...if, they do not take a stand that a woman can control her body.....

Especially, some’s stand on not allowing a woman who is raped or in the case of incest having an abortion.

Probably best to let Trump fade into the sunset....and, compromise on a woman’s right to chose.

The country is getting younger....and if the Republican Party does not change....they will fade away.
For sure. thumbs up
A woman's right to choose was aready a compromise given there were gestation period and health boundaries in place, as there should be.

No compromise would be the right to terminate at any time for any reason, which would be undeniably egregious.

The boundaries should always be open for discussion as technology and societies evolve, not because it's an issue of political leverage.

I agree with everything else you said.
The big red wave started out promising, but it didn't finish that way.

The silver lining to this is we may have the U.S. House, and that the dems may feel satisfied enough with last night's outcome to keep Biden as a candidate for 2024 where he will be easy to beat.

Hopefully we will see a big red wave with this in two years.
Biden has always said he'd only run for one term, hasn't he?

And even if he did run again, it was clear people didn't so much vote for him as against Trump. That won't alter unless the republicans have the sense to have someone vaguely appropriate to lead their party in 2024.
I doubt as many will vote against a Trump who isn't the president. For a protest vote to reach full potential Trump would have to be in power first. That's my guess.
Just heard this on Fox News. Republicans are projected to win the U.S. House
cheering applause cheering peace
It looks like the steal is underway. In Clark county (Las Vegas, NV.), the election officials are receiving high numbers of ballots right now in their drop boxes. Clark county being heavily blue, well, you know where I'm going with this. I have seen it done in many elections over recent years, and it's almost always in blue areas. First saw that years ago in Cleveland where they had some trouble come up and it would delay the election results for the rest of the state. Many of us saw this happen two years ago in a few other toss up states with stopping the vote count with Trump min the lead, and somewhere around 4-5 am with the vote count resuming and all of a sudden, Biden's ahead.

Well, keep an eye on Clark county with Las Vegas being where it's happening.

Right now, the Republican is up in the Senate race by a slim margin. That will change since this is now going on.thumbs down
I thought the USA was the most advanced nation in the world, I guess now we can all say that the USA is so pathetic it can't even hold an election.

A red ripple in midterms is an indication that the Democrats will win in 2024, another loss for Trumplaugh
Yep, by cheating AGAIN!
@OP The Steal? There we go again! No it is not 'a steal' but it is voting pattern and counting regulations. Voting pattern does vary across party and independent lines, it is a fact observable with consistency. Which booths are counted early, which late. Mail vote, early vote. Your Republicans discourage mail voting claiming fraud. Then when mail votes from democrats eliminate a margin you like to claim 'steal'.

Same happens here, the distant booths arrive late, and they have different demography. Mail votes here are not always counted on the night, our elections happen on Saturdays.
Add to that the preferential voting system where eliminated candidates have their vote reassigned to their second or third choice... possibly 2-3 days later. At least the preferential voting, as in Alaska, means no need for run-off election.
What I'd gleam from the midterms is that people haven't suffered enough yet. Inflation doesn't feel that bad and why would it? Inflation is still paying for an economy that doesn't work and a level of comfort beyond your worth. I don't see hard times on my high street at least not yet. The suffering is deferred which is probably why abortion trumps the economy, in the coming recession it won't be. We've not finished our free lunch yet, most people still don't know what hard is.
Inflation is basically a tax on savers, extorting the wealth of sensible people to pay for the rest. It doesn't actually feel that bad but at the same time I can't see a future in it.
The 1970s went on for years - 10 years to be exact - before the chickens came home to roost. Not until it had exhausted everybody who had something to lose did the wheels fall off. Most people didn't really suffer until the early 1980s.
Fox News !!!!! rolling on the floor laughing
If Democrats win Senate and House it will be the first time in history the party of a sitting President won the midterms!!!
A SORE LOSER IS A REAL LOSER.rolling on the floor laughing
You should know!

Btw, we got the house, so that's not going to happen...
D ] puppet....v. ......R. ] .puppet. ...I. ] .too much work

PMSNBC .was gold in it's dumb blonde gibberings
.." Fetterman as a presidential candidate..."..

( .the look on the others that were there...
..shock n Awe.)

500 saints could not fix your Atomic debt clock, Amerika...the interest alone now greater than the pentagram budget....$00n to be greater than CIA/ Cetera..
It is the ARI$TOCRACY that is winning the selections.
..parties, sports & TV ..all giving an illusion of choice

Coffee & TV ) blur..
Noise made by people. ) Broadcast
TV set. ) .the Cramps
..a..r. ) .. government Plates. ) Death grip
Liner note. ) Emergency & I..) dismemberment plan.
It's funny how an election is only stolen when it's not for the Reps. Get a grip. Grow up. Do you want another killing at the capitol caused by an ex president? How can you be some dumb, really. Your country is divided like before. All you care about is Rep or Dems instead of improving your country. You go after each other, your fellow Americans, like they would be the worst enemy. It's so childish and dumb. Learn to make things better for everyone together and not bash the other side. Truly idiotic.
Hesch no meh so Chrüsimüsi?comfort
Oder hesch dä BLICK im Sack?
BTW,SWISSINFO isn't News,its Sieben-Zwerge Propaganda!
Stop quaffing that Koolaid the Europress is serving you!comfort
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