I ran into a very successful classmate one day at lunch, a thai restaurant

He was then a successful Engineer, had finished the tallest building in Sydney
Hugely fat he was, and grossly proud. He had invited me to join him at lunch and told me a story, one I had forgotten and dismissed, of how he had made me tutor him in maths at high school so he had passed.
He said 'that's when I learnt to manipulate people, and use women'
I have little memory of him then, and never had any respect, but the school had appointed him head prefect, so he could manipulate me and another of the prefects.
Yet he was telling me how learning to use and manipulate was his road to success.
My meal unfinished I didn't stand and walk away but he still disgusts me.
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Many a person there is, with only passable skill, a big ego, and scant brains. Full of bluff and bluster, he must be, although I know him not. As age doth fade him, glamour leaves him, the Autumn years are here, but brief pause now, Winter's chills him, from inside. The phallic monument, he did build, now pales before his corpulence, Who is this fellow you describe, who fades in insignificance?
Strangely there is no record after 1988. Yet there about 580 George St stands the building he made - I never did anything like that but I never spoke about women as he did either. I prefer to be me!
Ah a horse owner too! Later a Crayfish farmer around 1990 but I have this lingering memory of disgust at a lunch. At school some impression of family wealth and some sports prowess how was it I never had any interest or respect I wonder. No further trail after 1990
His stables at Cobbity, south-west of Sydney, house 30 horses, including Myocard and Dr Grace.

Dr Grace rings a bell!
The bluff and bluster
He did muster
All to no avail
On George St
Stands a building
Passed by the light rail
The crowd they just walk by
Busy with their lives
Whist the engineer
He boasts, and,
maybe then, conives
He must be an old codger, those horses raced a long time ago!
I mean, you are merely describing your impressions, of this fellow, that you used to know....(not exactly in kind terms), but certainly not in actually defamatory ones, either....
"On the track, and under it, all men are equal"

Old English turf saying....
Those horses were famous, but they raced a long time ago

If he is a VERY successful engineer, it means he did something right after all and not all is based on manipulation and using people.
You say he is fat and proud?! Proud of being fat? Or you just feel better to mention his weight?
Manipulating people and using women/men sounds like too many other people who aren't successful in their jobs.
If you were that much disgusted you should have walked away and made sure he knows why...
Otherwise it's just a gossip...
I don't know if engineers are renowned for being masters of manipulation, that's why they choose to work with things instead of people. Don't you think he just dreams of being able to use women because he can't? Like a chess master. Manipulative people are, in the first instance, liked most times. Yes we hate politicians because we know what they're like, but meet someone who would make a politician and you'll probably like them.. for a bit.
@ten well clearly it is not gossip by definition, since it involves my personal experience.
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