Edelweiss - CH I - The ALGORHYTHM [ LXII ]

Chapter I:

“As long as people can’t understand the elementary causes of their misfortune,unhappiness,lack of liberty,mistakes,the world will change so much in all for the worst,while the depiction of it,horrendous and tragic.What I have learnt about society,along the years of my unfortunate existence on this earth,is that they are molded upon the desires of the ruling classes descending royalty since millennia;they are considered as nothing else than just plebs,as the rulers always designed a playground for the peasantry,in order to manipulate them upon their will,so as centuries passing by telling the stories of kingdoms being built in order to rise and fall,while empires being formed with new strategies of conquering the crowds in even loving their own tyrants,if not ruled through fear,or just being deceived over and over again.In all the history of mankind,- modified,of course,generation upon generation or at certain established times,upon the will of the rulers –can be distinguished a permanent state of dominion,in which extremes are touched by annihilation of the masses at command,while border lines previously being draught on the map of the world,to expand or contract in a well defined tone merging black and white squares on the board of the masters behaving like owners despite the grave swallows their heads deeper than the roots of the trees,while the death plowing over and over again over the crowns and scepters of the kingmanship buried along with all their madness and stupidity of which nothing is sang but the pain of commoners sinking in servitude.Yet,from among these commoners,here or there rise bright minds and illustrious hearts,which through their nobility show what is a Human Being and what’s its purpose on this earth,during the centuries of all forms of oppressions,ravaged by the greed of those empowered to hold the keys of dominion.Those noble hearts,are like sparks of light for all those who hearing of their faith,or deeds,and still believing,or they are tried of such feeling in soulful peace,while bowing down,inclining their heads in sign of respect. In rest,all that is being promoted,generation upon generation,by the allowance given from the hands of the masters,are only the actors in a theatre. A theatre,designed for permanently fooling the masses,blinding them either with tournaments and gladiators,or any types of games from which they to hail over and over again in identifying with someone who would win something,at least,as they never will, - either with well made speeches from the tribunes in which the little hope,the little spark of "everything’s gonna be alright",to fuel as much as is needed the minds and hearts of the deceived ones,to keep rebellion in line,while other high discourses from distinguishable ones among them,to inspire the crowds in the same herding,into endurance or blind obedience,so that kingdoms rise as the marvelous buildings done by slaves who would amaze future generations who will never know their provenience,nor knowing ever what took their making, - either,with the waving hands of the buffoons to make them laugh in spite of their admirable behavior such as “monkey see, monkey do” type of imitation,to which compliance adds a bonus in servitude,while the phony circus opens the festivities to cheer the unfortunate ones who have no idea of what that Liberty means at all,for all they ever knew was just the curtain under which their seats be posted, - either,enchantment and magic,tuned from the instruments or from the resonating voices, to the oblivion diving,out of misery and poverty,while depictions of fairytales meant to charm with details,transcending to the horror show of Reality which becoming just a fictional bubble in which crowds find a refuge, -all these, - but all these,happens in the very theatre of the world. The world has become a puppet show, where the leaders teach the crowds Obedience.”
- Shall be continued
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