Edelweiss - CH I - The ALGORHYTHM [ LXIII ]

Chapter I:

“But exactly this blind obedience of the crowds, will be the reason for awakening an entire world, although this process will bring much sufferance, to all nations. The sufferance that awaits the world, can not be told, as it becomes pointless, since truths must be experienced, in order to be understood properly, and with certainty. Will change anything, the will of a leader, when nobody from the crowd comes to tell him or her that will be rewarded for its deeds, whatever those might be? Will change anything, at all, to point out that if by its status or rank, brought harm to this world, will come a time in which payment shall be required? If the common one can’t understand properly what it is responsible for, nor what will take for it’s lack of responsibility, and what price has to be paid for every single deed, when others were harmed due to its actions, that this debt is being added for each of the suffering one, for every single aspect of cause and effect distributed along its path of life since the very interaction, how would other one higher in rank, or title, with different attributes, will understand? How would a man of arms understand that participating to a training for a future war equates to an attempt of murder, - as being involved in a front of battle in holding the gun and pointing to someone indicated as enemy, equals murder, once the bullet goes out from the pushing of that trigger? How would a person working in a factory that produces that gun or that bullet, really understand that its job equates to premeditated murder, while developing more and more pieces of those means of harm, makes it responsible for each life that’s being lost in the future conflict to rise? How would a person designing the bullet, as well as those assembling the gun, ever, to understand what are the repercussions, from the start to the finish, that all is participation to murder? None of those to think of anything else, than having a living, despite the costs for its living implies the very harm of others, the very unspeakable crime about to happen. None of those to think of what others have to endure, as result of its own action that justifies it that’s for the life that wants it, none to understand that in order for a life to be preserved, others might be taken away, or others would suffer greatly, being mutilated for life or disabled, people that might wish to live too, just like everyone else out there, people that want a freedom too, just like anyone else over the world, with thoughts, with feelings, with a beating heart, with a running blood, - and yet, none of those, to say they want harm of others, none of those to wish the sufferance of others, and still, none to even think of any repercussion over others, and even more, when exposed to the ultimate truths, instead being taken in consideration, disregarded, denied, refuted, as if nothing else going on, truly, as nothing should be as it has to be, as nothing is real, but only a fantasy of someone who has nothing else to do, than dare questioning these, in the context of Reality. Up to this point, the world has been led by people who had no time to think upon these, while others knowingly about all these, to still push others to such limits where extremes are touched, and none, among any of those, to question its own reality upon the results of its own actions, none to even wonder about these at all, none to even think that shall come the very day in which they will have to deal with these ultimate truths that in the present day rejects them, none to even understand what debts have to be paid, until the trial is done and reward being received in full. Very few people, to really understand such aspects of Reality…”
[ ... ]
- Shall be continued...

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