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When I was growing up, I had a few kids that I would hang with sometimes on my block call me "Thurman Munson" (former baseball catcher from the Yankees who was killed in a plane crash) because of how "Thurman" sounded almost like my last name.

I then nicknamed myself "Thor" (God of Thunder) because of the first four letters in my last name.

And then in 1983, some kids got wind of my middle name (Patrick) and for the hell of it started calling me "Patty". doh

Since then, I am now being called "Tease (for about the last 15 years), Trouble, Shawna and Shawnda, because I have decided to let my hair grow out at work. People are having way too much fun with this. rolling on the floor laughing

Feel free to share the nicknames people call you.

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Oh, I forgot another one that I have been called. Shawnee laugh
I was called "Red nanny" by some of my family, because I am not as dark skinned as my brothers and sisters. Unfortunately, the name wasn't meant in a nice way.
Well, I could write a book lol....but mostly Red because i'm a natural born ginger lol....carrot top, dad used to call me charlie brown or june the prune....never understood why lol but it was just out of silliness
My cousin Jamie has red hair. Not sure how she got it since both her parents had dark hair. When I was young I used to call her anything from carrot top to pumpkin head. It was all meant in good fun and we would laugh. laugh
and of course I can't forget another popular one that stuck with me because of the uncanny resemblance and eerily similar, peppy, sarcastic personality....Bette.

....also because I've also been singing my whole life

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It would probably be because the red hair genetics mostly skips around a lot within the family, rather than being a dominant gene (though not necessarily always) mom was a brunette and my dad had black hair and two of my sisters were brunette and two sisters blonde....but my grandmother on either side were both dad's mustache would grow in red...none of my neices and nephews were redheads, but one of my nephew's daughter was a redhead. None of my kids were redheads, my daughter is brunette with brown eyes, but yet has my fair skin with freckles...both my sons have light brown hair but their facial hair comes in red...none of my grandkids are redheads but my youngest granddaughter had very prominent red highlights when she was an infant. So you can see it hops around....not usually the prominent gene. professor
When my daughter was born she had blonde hair, just like her mom (well, actually her mom's hair was actually dirty blonde), then after about 5-6 years, my daughter's hair turned dark brown like mine.

Speaking more on genetics, what's kinda crazy is that both my mom and dad's eyes are brown, just brown. Me and my sister's were both hazel to where we had more green than brown in them. Go figure...
"Breck Girl". laugh

I believe John Edwards (the politician) was also called that because of the hair.
I was also called "Sonathon" a few times in my junior year in high school in reference to Jonathon.

Also back in high school I had a girl (her name was B.J., and no, it stood for Becka Jane, but she wanted to be called "Bl*w Job" in which students called her that anyway. The girl also liked those green M&M's, but that story is for another day. lol) in my class that loved calling me :"Pattycakes" because of my middle name Patrick. Yeah, we have a "Pattycakes" who's a member on this site, go figure...laugh

Some others....

rolling on the floor laughing I've been called worse
And...I've been called Red.blushing
My cousin has red hair. I called her "Pumpkinhead" and "Carrot Top". laugh
One day when I was a teen my best friends older brother saw me chatting with his GF. I guess he thought I was putting the moves on her and he started saying "This kid is a regular whip, trying to cut in on my kid brother GF so he jokingly started calling me a whip. As the story got around people started referring to me as "The Whip". It stuck and from that day on "The Whip" became my nickname or just "Whip: for short. I got so used to it that I would answer to the name without hesitation when ever anybody called "hey whip".
Well, with a name like that, I gotta ask, did ya "whip" it good? laugh
We did make out whenever the opportunity presented itself but that's about as far as it went.
Just thought of another nick name I'm called. We have this male nurse in the e.r. named Harly. He likes to call me "Shaun of the Dead", a spoof movie spoofing "Dawn of the Dead" I guess. laugh

My co worker is named Mark, and Harly likes to refer to him as "mark of the beast". However, I have called Mark "skidmark". rolling on the floor laughing
1 of my dirt bike friends is called Batman, he got his name when he turned up to the MX track whips his laptop out to show us a porn movie... the content of the movie brought about his name.. laugh
Did you have any nicknames through your life?
Yep, Butchie was 1, Doc was another and Bubi was the other;; I always laugh when anyone mentions the Aussie movie Bad Boy Bubi.. laugh
Is "Bubi" pronounced booby as in booby trap? If so, then I think we found you another. j/k

I like the name Boobies better, the chicks will have fun with that one.. it is also spelt Bubby...
rolling on the floor laughing
You and your best friends brother?
No, my best friends girl friend.
I'm sure he already knew that. I think he just wanted to mess with ya. laugh
I had another nickname a few years before the "Whip" nick.

It was spring time of my 13th year and I was due to leave for CYO camp in 3 days. I guess my mother didn't want me to look like some street thug so she sent me to the barber for a haircut. The barber gave me a trim and asked if I liked the result but I really didn't so he cut a little more off trying to appease me. This went on for about 3 more times when finally I said "Oh the heck with it cut it all off." After asking me several times if I was sure and I said "yeah, cut it off." He complied and cut all my hair off.
I went home wondering what my mother was going to say about my new look and when she saw me she absolutely freaked out. She screamed and told me to get out and threw me out of the house. I was sitting on the stairs that went to the upper floors of the building when "Betty" the teenage daughter of a Spanish family that lived on the 3rd floor came down and saw me crying my eyes out at the bottom of the stairs. I told her momma threw me out for getting a baldy and she felt sorry for me and made me a "Boat hat" out of a piece of newspaper. file:///C:/Users/Tom/Desktop/PICS/Funny/080111_2519.jpg

I wore that the rest of the day until I managed to acquire a baseball cap and wore that until I left on the bus for summer camp. I was determined to wear the cap until my hair grew back but when all us kids went to the mess hall for lunch I was forced to remove my cap because it was a Catholic camp and we had to say grace before we sat down to eat. Of course you can't pray while wearing a hat and I had to remove my baseball cap. A kid at the other end of the table saw I was bald as an egg and he yelled out "HE'S BALD" This prompted all the kids in the room, about 200, to roar with laughter. Can you imagine how I felt? Well, after a few days everybody kinda got used to the fact I had no hair and my new name became "baldy" They never even knew my name was Tommy.
Jump ahead about 3 years when me and my friend Danny were on 86th ST looking in the window of a store and I noticed one of the black kids from the camp named Green was there too. I said Hey Green how ya doing? He said "Hi Baldy" and we had a nice little chat. Danny looked at me and said "Baldy"? I said, yeah, you remember when I got all my hair cut off? He said "oh yeah, I forgot about that".
rolling on the floor laughing

Wow, I can't believe your mom threw you out of the house for that. When I was growing up you didn't see much of the bald style going on with kids. Maybe a buzz haircut, but that's it. You didn't even see much of that. This is at a time when hair was plenty in the 70's and 80's on kids.
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