The Fix is in. Another rigged election ??????????????

Arizona Ballots Make Stop at Runbeck Printing Company to Sort Ballots Before They Are Sent to County — WITH NO OBSERVERS.

Ben Bergquam was outside the Maricopa County election center and followed a Penske truck leave the center and return to Runbeck. Once at Runbeck, the gate is closed.

Every mail-in ballot that is returned in the county is sent to Runbeck first.

Runbeck is scanning the Maricopa ballots before they are sent to the Maricopa County Elections Center.

Maricopa County is the only jurisdiction in the country that picks up completed ballots at USPS Processing Distribution Center, but doesn’t bring them back to the election department or tabulation center.

Maricopa County picks up mail-in ballots and takes them directly to its print vendor Runbeck Election Services, which is headquartered in Phoenix.

Every single completed mail-in ballot, whether mailed or dropped off at a polling place, goes to Runbeck. All mail-in ballots collected on election day, and the previous few days, are sitting at Runbeck headquarters. Maricopa has no idea how many ballots are in their possession because the ballots are at their print vendor.

Maricopa allegedly uses Runbeck because they have “high-speed scanners.” Runbeck scans the ballots in batches to create a digital image of each envelope signature area. This batch of images is given to the Maricopa tabulation center (MCTEC) for poll worker review. MCTEC notifies Runbeck if any of those signatures don’t match. Runbeck separates out those bad envelopes, then delivers both sets of these envelopes by van to MCTEC, which is 6 miles away. MCTEC then opens the envelopes and starts the tabulation process.

This “batch” process is repeated until all “mail-in” ballot envelopes are scanned at Runbeck. This takes 10-12 days after every general election, and ballots envelopes are delivered each day by Runbeck vans. Runbeck uses the Bluecrest Vantage mail processing machines to scan these ballot envelopes. This machine can process 40-50,000 ballots an hour. These machines can also automatically scan the ballot signatures using embedded commercial-grade check cashing signature software from Parascript. But Maricopa continues to use its slow manual “batch” process of reviewing signatures.

These Vantage machines cost $1.06 million each, Detroit just purchased one in early 2022. Maricopa could purchase two of these machines and process roughly 90,000 ballots an hour in-house. But Maricopa continues to re-sign contracts with Runbeck, which prevents them from bringing all this in-house.

This is a travesty.

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I had hoped the Republicans would have done better too...

But, the election was not stolen, nor was Trump’s election stolen.

I for one, certainly hope we do not go down that road again.
This problem of ballot rigging seems to come from a long line of accusations.
Why don't 'they' weigh every ballot box with the end result, (weight) after the count, matching the weight at the start?
If ballot papers go missing its sure to show.

Anyway just a thought.cheers
As expected the election deniers pop out, don't they! What arrant poppycock! Win the house and claim they were cheated. Why not invite Bolsonaro to be honorary second in command. How can so many Americans be so pathetically ridiculous? Trump and Bolsonaro and add Duterte even! MAGA! Make America a Great Absurdity.
Are you trying to use alpha Numerical LOGIC..
to make the case ? ..
Here's one the MSM will not cover.
100 school boards have been flipped* from Commie to Conservative across Amerika.

* See story @ Citizen Free press

McBob. | ..where I live ...there has never been
A " fair Election"'s all a machine... spitting out
Machine head policy Zombies.

Odd$ n Ends..) Disney stock ..down 44% ... Failbook, 11,000 terminated.... Wal Mart stock ? ( Down
Wells Fargo. [ Just 13,000 new mortgage loans in the current pipeline...which is just 90% OFF .the Norm.
Donald junior claimed the midterm would be a bloodbath the day before! rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing What a fool!laugh
We have the MAGA morons to thank for helping the Dems make midterm history!!!!banana banana banana
Nancy Pelosi, man WAs she awesome or what?banana banana banana
SAVE DEMOCRACY! Lock up Trump! His doom draws very near!
I posted a blog late Tuesday night saying that the steal is underway. I do believe it did in Nevada since the Republican was up by 2.1% after 95% had been counted.

As for Arizona, even though Master was down about 4-5% at only 78% being counted, there was no excuse for the tally to take as long as it did. Not sure Masters could have bounced back being down by that much. But Nevada, having the heavily democrat county (Clark) being the one that didn't have everything in in a timely matter certainly raises the questions for corruption as we've seen over the last few years in elections. They always seem to involve heavily democrat area counties. thumbs down
@rolling on the floor laughing Heimlich...
All the MSM were predicting a "bloodbath"
...that's why they have so few " believers"..
If not for deep pocket Foundations, CNN &
MSNBC & PBS .. would not be on the Air.
No I actually watched a little CNN and MSNBC, they were saying to close to call all through the voting. The margins were razor thin in most races and your gerrymandering was the only crooks thing goingon.
Now go back to your gibberish, it suits MAGA.banana banana banana
"my gerrymandering" ? ..come on down from your LDS.
..eYe am Alternative 3 of ONE.
If Kari Lake loses.. it won't be pretty. She's already said she won. wave
If you $experts wanna do a favor for your Left brain.. chapter 2 of the Communist Manifesto. explains both Hemisphere the Nth degree
.. Even includes 10 key points/ planks that are
E Z to follow.
always happens over night and the longer it takes to "count votes", the more they tend to favor demonrats.

funny. pretty much almost every problem in most states and counties tend to favor demonrats. no one questions any of that? happens way to often.
It's possible. But how about 2024?
I knew it was not looking good when none in gop took proper action
after the 2020 disasterous fraudulenta.
Not political will perhaps... ?

Expect this for all time now,

until a proper system comes in place.
Stop watching FOX BULLSHIT CRAP!~

Many votes have to be cured which means checking bloody signatures

There are Republican & Democrat officials' side by side keeping watch

People have voted by saying we're moving away from the Trump crap Biden is way better than preaching hate causing division
All the republicans had to go on was hate for Biden

The Republicans had absolutely nothing to offer but hate

Those who lost were endorsed by Trump..People have had enough of the shit

That Kari idiot planted a seed long ago saying if she lost it meant the votes were rigged

Fecking demented people up over there
@draegon Well in fact analysts do indeed investigate voting patterns and there are differences between DEM and GOP behaviour, partly but significantly affected by Trumps mythology of corrupt mail-in voting.

with out full blown audits nation wide, we don't know that mail in voting isn't corrupt.

people will spit fire against trump yet we're just suppose to accept the demonrat side with out any voice or question. the demonrats can't prove the election was true. enough wrongs and anomalies that it should have been questioned and fully audited coast to coast.

again, across the country in some areas worse than others, election cycle problems. should we trust the results no matter who they favor?

NO! full blown audits by out side neutral agencies.
Embedded image from another site

Btw, the liberals have lock on hate!
Arizona Ballots Make Stop at Runbeck Printing Company to Sort Ballots Before They Are Sent to County — WITH NO OBSERVERS.

If this is true then there should be no doubt in any sane mind that 'rigging' is indeed involved.
This 'first world country' called the USA, dont you have 'voting observers' that follow the ballot papers around from X to the final resting place, like glue on a blanket???doh
US shoots itself in the foot with this stuff - for years monitoring and criticising other countries for their dubious elections, but implicitly congratulating themselves on their own integrity. Along comes a Trump and suddenly American elections are more corrupt than Nigeria or Kenya or Cote d'Ivoire - you make yourself look like total chumps!
Al Gore had every right to question Florida results, but he accepted the court decision and never uttered the Fraud word. Not Trump, nor the likes of this @OP.
I've seen American Presidents, ranked by IQ; (on the internet); however, Trump, cannot be ranked this way - since there is no record, of him, ever having taken, an official test. (He ranks himself at IQ 156, and calls himself a "stable genius"). Since there is no official test record, maybe Trump, should be ranked THIS way: the Most Sore Loser of ALL the Presidents, Bar None???

@lcbr on the intelligence scale I think Carter was very high, but on the failure scale also very high. Bush junior is probably the inverse. Reagan was certainly no genius, round about average, but shrewdness is something else, and perhaps Trump has that (sometimes).
Apparently John Quincy Adams, was the highest (175), according to most of the lists, that I have seen. Maybe Trump is 156?, or is that just "fake news folks"?

@ Fargo

That is how I understand it, anyway. Maybe some of the "Trumpeters" on here, could clarify things for us?

The COVID rules are still in place for early voting....Instead of crying fraud....All states should go the really, really early voting...

It will not matter will have a malignant narcissist who will insist on running the party into the ground..all for his ego...

It has already started with his intense jealousy over DeSantis....

Trumpers are ruining any chance of a different party winning the presidency and the Dems know. it.
laugh TTDS much?
I voted for him the second time....

But, he is his party and to America...

Textbook..malignant narcissist.....
TRUMP NEEDS MORE MONEY!!!!! SEND YOUR DONATIONS NOW!!!!rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing
You said this after the last election and it doesn't seem to have helped. If anything it makes you look disingenuous, boycotting the election would have been thing to do.

And at any rate it doesn't change much. There's only one question that counts. How bad is the coming recession going to be? If it's bad enough, you win.
Alen Ginsberg's take on things...

As true, today, as ever, it would seem...

(Spell), Allen Ginsberg (Sorry typo)


sad flower
LBJ was a skeleton?
Eisenhower warned us about the M.I.C. The M.I.C. lied to Johnson and he resigned.
It isn't the imaginary Swamp conspiracy. Its about lobbying in Washington. Its about "if I don't get the money from them I'm going to lose the election". Its all about getting elected and it is the elite, rich, and powerful that rig the elections. Voter and computer fraud?rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing They have the elections rigged before you even cast your vote suckers!
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