Body part(s) on us that we don't like, and wish we could change

I think we can all relate to this, and wished that we could change something we don't like on our bodies.

When I hit around 13 years old, I had these little boobs that had developed, but then I had started putting on a little weight in junior high. When I was in high school I was pretty thin. I had muscle more than fat, so I was pretty solid, but it didn't look like it because I was very small built. I had always wore a black jacket in high school because I still had these "perky boobs". Yeah, it embarrassed me, so I tried to hide them. I pretty much called my light weight black jacket (members only jacket) my trademark.

When I started work as a cashier at a grocery store chain (Festival Foods) in 1993, we had to wear these green shirt with with words "Festival Foods" in yellow coloring across the front. One of my fellow workers who was just a little younger that me said that my boobs were bigger than hers. Talk about being a little embarrassed by that remark. rolling on the floor laughing

I still have those "perky little boobs today. But ya know, it doesn't really bother me as much as it did when I was younger.

If you would like to share yours, feel free to. wave
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I guess I should count my blessings. It could be worse
I wouldn't change an inch of my body simply because I put in the intense hours working out

When I retire from working out & my body decides to droop I will embrace the mufin top and rolls of fat as well as cottage cheese thighs as well

In saying the above my sister got the boobs I didn't..I instead have hair as long as repunzel laugh
head banger thumbs up
The urologist suggested I might need to take a med that will give me man boobs..Pizs on that!
Maybe that pill is important to where you need it
I've always heard bourbon will give you man boobs.
I also heard that soy can
BGH: bovine growth hormone
Passed through the cow into their milk to your Lil udders.
rolling on the floor laughing
Awww is pretty common and Women
refer to this as comfort " Dad bods".

No worries!
Unless of course you wear 80s short t-shirts too.
Don't feel bad, I got man boobs too. They not so bad now since I dropped a stack of weight recently but are a little out of proportion for what a male is supposed to look like conversing
wave see it is what it is.thumbs up
Beige ..weekdays
Black ....NEVER!
I'm more of a leg man laugh
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