Edelweiss - CH I - The ALGORHYTHM [ LXIV ]

Chapter I:

“If one asking the man of arms for what reason is there on the battlefield,has no answer than “for I have to” or something resembling “I have no choice”,while asking the mercenary why does all acts of harm,against people,one may admit that is for the generous payment,other might even add the pleasure of violence,while a different one,a mix of both,if not the self-justification that doesn’t know what else to do,as to such task is good at.In each of these cases,none of them have no idea,in general,of what are the repercussions of their actions,regardless of actual combat situations,or just training themselves for being detached to the mission that definitely comes in the future,none of them to even put themselves in the position of the other one,where the word “Victim” is being changed with a distortion such as “Collateral damage”.In each cases,the real targeting is Humanity,in one side,depriving a Human Being of Liberty,stealing its identity,annihilating its soul,while in the other side,tyranny,implemented through coercion,manipulation,wickedness,greed and envy,all conducting to a world in which violence is being promoted up to levels where extremes are touched,justified murder is being legislated dragging entire world in shame and sufferance,poverty and misery.I would like to ask any reasonable general,in what way this way has been civilized,since wars are continued since millennia,with new shapes and variants so much as strategies to conquer and rule,to damage,to destroy,to harm.To answer me,the one among the crowds who dare questioning the Reality,in what way the progress is made and under what claims “for the good of others” being done with experiencing on human beings,touching the extremes.To ask for what reason one general wears the sigils of nobility,if there is nothing truly noble in ordaining murder to the highest degrees, -for what reason wears the decorations of heroes if there is nothing truly heroic in annihilating nations or decimation of society, -for what is a rank made for,what is a title conveyed for,what is an order,by whom is to be given and under what circumstances one has to obey,or just reject it when finding it as touching the extremes through crimes against humanity.I would like to ask then one among those wearing heavy or light armor from assault teams or special forces,what is so proud in having such an occupation at all,in such blind obedience like a robot to which a programming must be applied for the order being completed,being brought to advocate for “Law and Order”,even with the price of crowds disposal by any means or forms,up to extreme levels of violence,-for what reason,one has to be there in the 1st place,defending the oppression,the tyranny,imposing the will of the few upon the many, -if any of them,is even reasonable enough to think upon the consequences of their actions,and that all the reprisals will drag them too in the same trial of mankind,to answer every single one of its own deeds,for each crime,for each murder,for each harm,for each infliction.I would like to ask then one among those police officers,which holds still the flag of “Serve and Protect”,while nothing truly is being shown else than a team of gangsters ruling cities upon norms given from the higher ones beset on power, -to ask any of them,if there is something to be proud of when partaking in crimes against humanity is a necessity,if using different levels of violence is being permitted and if it is really voluntarily,if not deliberately,such a job to be taken,in sustaining propagandas pushed by tyrants,or standing with the shields to hold down the crowds asking for their rights as human beings,or to just pin down the many with the batons,spraying them with tear gas,setting dogs on them,or any means of inspiring fear,including use of bullets,for such a civilized world of which the leaders boast themselves, while blind crowds applaud, or herding to the vote.”
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