How much are you worth?

Frequently, on the websites of Yahoo news and on Youtube, I see articles and videos with the heading "How much is (personality's name) worth?" or "What is (personality's name) net worth?", and it makes me wonder.

Firstly, why would you (the writer/video maker) put that information out there? Isn't it private? Are you even authorized to do so? And wouldn't that information make the persons targets for theft, kidnapping, etc, thus endangering persons' life?

Besides that, how shallow is it to base a person's 'worth', only on how much money they've made/inherited/etc.? But then, that's the state of the world that we live in, isn't it? Very sad, but very real. If you don't have money or wealth, then you don't have 'worth' many people.

And that's just another reason why some feel that they are better than/superior to others...Unity struggles to be heard amongst the noise of the dividers. But, we should all know our worth, without depending on others for confirmation.

How much are you worth?
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How much are you worth?

That all depends on who is asking...
rolling on the floor laughing oh Didi !
I am rich in so many ways,blessed!

I have zero worth:
- as a media influencer
-never had a net worth
-never married well
-haven't any credit score
-no retirement plans

Shall I expect more scammer emails now.
I get your meaning, Patty. thumbs up wine Not sure about the scammers though. laugh
Unfortunately we often need to come this close to death before we realise our worth. And you know we only do all this moneymaking to avoid fights. In my opinion we miss the point of life because we avoid death too widely.
"...we miss the point of life because we avoid death too widely."

Profound words CC.hmmm ....
It's somehow public now.

Eh, I had use of that yday as I wanted to find out how much
Elon was willing to waste of his own money
on the Twidder deal.
Well eh paid 44 but seem to have 3 or 4 times that left.
So I recon he could risk losing that for a good
I guess 'public figures' should expect public invasion of their privacy? That's one of the reasons why it's difficult for them to find 'real love'; most people just 'love' them (wealthy people like him) for their money because that's all they (potential mates and money grabbers) think they're worth.

But then, even the 'not-so-poor' can't find it.....blues sigh
Well at least us ordinary bstrds can compete in that arena Didi, you know:)
Like you and me, we're happy with the small house. We don't need a 33000m2 humongous villa as long as we can sit watch the sunset on a lovely nearby beach together. Hand in hand, head in lap and what more lovely speach hyperboles one can think of ..
It's very Jane Austen/Brontë sisters, isn't it? laugh
Lots. As a fellow blogger, I think I offer a perspective different than yours. Hopefully eye-opening that things that I see are different than things you see.

thumbs up
I'm sure of it, Chat.thumbs up
laugh Books and movies...
So have the motives changed at all?

Isn't it about status, fantasising and securing a future?
wine Thank you for your hospitality Ms.Didi.
I think a very special lady like you has been
observing that money does not
"make the man".
If you're rich you might get the girls. But what kind of girls? roll eyes
hmmm Not so much about status Jac, but the future will always be a concern (fantasizing about it can be nice...sometimes).
Yep, and she's a fellow Trini too.grin wine
Exactly, hard to tell if it's you they're really after. Where they put your 'worth'.
Girls...? uh oh
How can it not be about status?
Oh, I'm priceless! tongue
Well, I know that it's important, but for me, it isn't the first thing that I'm concerned about.
Of course you are (especially in God's sight)!. Some people think that if you think that way, then you're being 'elitist' or just 'full of yourself', but knowing your true worth is actually a happy, yet humbling experience...or should be.
What seems to be bothering you Jac?
Mötley Crüe - Girls Girls Girls (Official Music Video)

Hey now, ya know with some ya have to balance it all out between both sexes. I found that out over on my blog with the woman measuring the shrinkage of her breasts. laugh

Here's ....

I love Gloria.

Shawn, balance my behind ok? cheers
Ummm, no, you're on your own with that one! scold rolling on the floor laughing
Yea. drinking

I think she got some Epstein associations just cos I said girls instead of women,
but NO I did NOT mean women under the age of 18, NO!
So, anyways. She will never make me pc. End of.
Money attracts money.
If you read the profiles on CS the common one liner is "YOU MUST HAVE YOUR OWN MONEY."

I've noticed a common theme with the Men I knew (Co-workers/classmates/neighbours). They all wanted to be rich. They chased the almighty dollar, now in our age they all had heart attacks. Some died, the others have chronic diseases and others have lost their minds. Their wives are enjoying the fruits of their greed.

The rich takes care of the rich.
Warren Buffett gives Bill Gates millions of dollars
Elon Musk father married his step-daughter and have children with her (keep the money in the family).
Jeff Bezos gave Dolly Parton $100 million dollars.

That's the way of the world. People marry UP. moping
Most of what you say is true Friendship, but marrying someone for their money isn't my idea of "marrying up". I really prefer quality, more than quantity, and I know that there are others who think the way that I do. So, just as what I'm worth isn't about money, I consider the same of others (even if they may think otherwise of me).
A thought struck me when I saw who Elon Musk had been dating, including Amber Heard.
I thought to myself.. if I was him I'd be more careful. He's being used.
If he was not rich would they date him still?
Based upon what I've heard about "Heard", probably not.uh oh
My comment about status was regarding your blog topic, not your personal value system.

Personally, I think status is contrived and unimportant. Wealth is a numerical expression of worth, but it makes no difference when you're lying naked on a mortuary slab.
The Epstein-like comment so casually dropped into the conversation and the judgemental way you spoke about abused children.
atm, I am worth less than $20 conversing
I think you should get a grip Gripper.

Here is what I said
"If you're rich you might get the girls. But what kind of girls?"

Only somebody like you can twist that into some meaning of underaged.
I didn't imply that at all. But your dark mind went there ofcourse.
Was it the word girls that you reacted on?
And the Motley Crew video didn't help your understanding
of what kind of girls I'm talking about, hmmm?
I know women 50+ who refer to themselves as girl instead of woman,
on occasion.

No, I will not chanye my language for you.
You can rather try and uderstand what was meant,
instead of trying to squize it into some fake me2 format that was never intended.
Oh, and for the record I could just as well had said woman.
Then it would be:
"If you're rich you might get the women. But what kind of women?"
Right - but is that just as explanatory? Maybe maybe not.
I liked the girls variante best. And so did motley crew.

What a f-ed up accusation you pointed towards me Jac!
When all I said was some females flock to wealthy men,
and many of tham are attractive young females too.
Moreoften called girls than women.

I'd be most happy if you don't reply.
Cos I might go ballistic on you.
Eurythmics, Annie Lennox, Dave Stewart - Who's That Girl? (Official Video)

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