Slowly making plans for my future.

These past few days, I have had the urge to move to a different city, to see what I can create and build there. Enter - my current job!

I am so lucky that my job has branches all over Denmark. One of those branches is in the city of Aarhus. It's the location of the headquarters, so I straight up asked if it was possible to move branches permanently. I got half an answer from my supervisor, so I took it to the warehouse and logistics manager. This morning, I asked him if it would be possible to move to the headquarters to work, instead of in the branch I am in now. Not that I don't like it there, or the people. I love them to bits. I just want to see a new place. A new city. Meet new people.

So, yeah. I asked him, and his reply was "Sure, that can easily be arranged. All you need to do is let me know well in advance, so we can sort out the most important details. What is my time frame?"

"One year from now, so mid-november 2023"

"Alright, that should be doable"

You might be asking yourself "But why are you not moving in January? Why one year from now?", and that is an excellent question. I have some things I need to get done, before I can move. Two concerts and a trip overseas, to be precise. Once those three things are done, I can move. I also need to find a place to live. I'm gonna start with a room to begin with, before I move into an apartment. Granted, they are very cheap, but I still want to save up enough money to comfortably move into my own place.

When I say cheap, I mean cheap! The place I am at now, is quite expensive. I rent a room measuring 15 square meters, which is about 161 square feet. I pay 4100 kroner for that, or around $570/£485/€551, including bills. That is not cheap.

I have found a whole apartment measuring 46 square meters, or 495 square feet, and it's priced at 4200 kroner, which is $584/£496/€564. The salary is the same, which means I will continue to live the life I am living now, just in a new city. That is cheap!

Now I just need to find a date to switch branches and move!
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Will you still be near your family?
No. The place I am moving to is a 3 hour drive away. I told them my plan, and they are all on board with it. The transport links to the city are very good. Both trains and buses to and from Copenhagen are present, so it's not gonna be totally impossible for them to visit, or for me to visit them
You are brave. Asking for a change before your probation is up.
Good for you.
My probation ended on November 8. I have passed my three month trial period without any issues at all
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