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Jay Leno had a bad accident with one of his cars while in his garage. There was some sort of fire from the gasoline that exploded. His left side of his face was burned. Jay Lena himself put out a brief statement saying he's okay.
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If 5G (Grand) doesn't ask if his cars are OK I'll be shocked rolling on the floor laughing
Shit I'm worried about the 32 bentley.... confused
comfort me too.
I'm happy he's okay!
I haven't seen any Bentley blogs since the Canadian lock down.wink
Hello Mr.Philipsen,
You have been going gang busters this year.
Ticking off all the boxes on your list of goals
handshake good job!
Thank you :). It's always nice to set goals you can achieve
I bet you even got certifications for Fire hazards too.
You yay could be doing important work on or off the road with those skills these days.
I am trained in putting out small fires. A fire like the one Jay Leno had can either be tiny or massive. My father was in the Civil Defense, and he taught me a great deal about fire safety and how to prevent fires :)
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