Short shorts

Boy, are you guys probably going to get tired of me while I'm home for the next six weeks recuperating. rolling on the floor laughing

I have been accused of wearing short shorts (well, I do I have nice shaped legs), when in fact there the same length as what basketball players wore back in the 80's. They have also called them my "Daisy Duke" shorts. They run down midway between my waist to knee. Anymore you see guys wearing these long shorts that go down to their knees, or just past their knees. Those are not shorts, to me I have to call them capri pants for men. rolling on the floor laughing

Now that's just too long for them to be called shorts. Legs have to breathe.

Some people that I work with have seen me in them in places like Walmart, and they have a little fun with me because of it. laugh

But that's just what we wore back in the 80's, when fashion was different. Man, how things have changed over the years.
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That's a hilarious observation!
Men's work attire has changed over the years,
dramatically maybe for some areas of the U S.

I remember when cargo shorts with those huge pockets were reminiscent of ACDC.

wink Even a kilt rolling on the floor laughing or men's skirt was OK.

I see these days those baller shorts either with
leggings under them or not.

Your short- shorts are long compared to the tight
Volleyball or Biker shorts that hug the man bum.

rolling on the floor laughing do not wear football " capris" it could get you tackled or a penalty.
P.S. scold do NOT go commando on zoom chats
or go pantsless if you have cats..ooowwww.
Not to worry on that one, that's not going to happen. rolling on the floor laughing
I never go commando. I'll save a story about this in my next blog.laugh

And I do have some cats
You'll need a lint roller or some duct tape then.
Ya think?tongue
Not for your navel either.grin
Oh my, you're getting personal. blushing

rolling on the floor laughing

Yep, another blog idea ya gave me. This one will be about naval belly buttons. Innie or outie. rolling on the floor laughing
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