US official: Russian missiles crossed into Poland, killing 2

KYIV, Ukraine — A senior U.S. intelligence official says Russian missiles crossed into NATO member Poland, killing two people.

Polish government spokesman Piotr Mueller did not immediately confirm the information, but said top leaders were holding an emergency meeting due to a "crisis situation."

Polish media reported that two people died Tuesday afternoon after a projectile struck an area where grain was drying in Przewodów, a Polish village near the border with Ukraine.

On Tuesday, Russia pounded Ukraine's energy facilities with its biggest barrage of missiles yet, striking targets from east to west and causing widespread blackouts. A defiant President Volodymr Zelenskyy shook his fist and declared: "We will survive everything."

Neighboring Moldova was also affected. It reported massive power outages after the strikes knocked out a key power line that supplies the small nation, an official said.

Zelenskyy said Russia fired at least 85 missiles, "most of them at our energy infrastructure," and shut down power in many cities.

"We're working, will restore everything. We will survive everything," the president vowed.

His energy minister said the attack was "the most massive" bombardment of power facilities in the nearly 9-month-old Russian invasion, striking both power generation and transmission systems.

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Great info Willy thumbs up I wonder if NATO has said anything about the attacks yet or what they will do about it..
I am watching the news and they asked for a response from NATO.
However, the Pentagon said on Tuesday it could not confirm reports that Russian missiles had crossed into Poland.

"Firefighters are on the spot, it's not clear what has happened," said Lukasz Kucy, officer on duty at a nearby firefighters' post.

Polish Radio ZET reported earlier that two stray missiles hit Przewodow on Tuesday, killing two people, without giving any more details.

Moscow's defence minister on Tuesday dismissed reports that Russian missiles had landed in Poland, which borders Ukraine, as a "provocation" intended to escalate tensions.

"Statements by Polish media and officials about Russian missiles hitting Polish territory are a deliberate provocation aimed at escalating the situation," the Russian defence minister said on Telegram.
That is also possible Rob.
White helmets 2.0.

I also wonder about the 'reports' about left behind booby-traps in Kherson.
I remeber the Ukrainians did that some place on the east side,
but this whole operation started super careful from the 24th and only lately has the gloves come off.
Doesn't mean the Russian suddenly wanna blow up children 'for fun', so we'll have to
see about that later on. Hopefully there is still independent journalists who can dig into this later.
We need facts and answers. We do know already the nuclear facility was hit from the Ukr side.
While guarded by the Russians.
Do the Russians love their children too?
I dunno either
Western countries are only prolonging the Ukrainian conflict by supplying weapons to Kiev, Marine Le Pen, the leader of the National Rally faction in the lower house of France’s parliament, said on Tuesday.
Funny, over a month ago, Russian president Putin warned that Ukraine would make a mock up of their missiles and fire it into a NATO allied country.
Now, with all of the satellite surveillance in the region, we should see actual video evidence of missiles launching from either Russia or Ukraine. 10,000,000:1 that we'll not see those videos in our lifetimes.
There's also the chemical composition of those explosives used in missiles. We'll not likely get any actual analysis of the residue. Also, why are the democrats, which have been historically against war, wanting a major war with Russia? Also, why to a majority, if not all, of them have stocks in the companies that make military vehicles and weapons? Yes, a bunch of r.i.n.o.s like lindsey graham have the stocks too. I'm thinking is that so they make a major profit off of this war that they're working to kick off.
We, along with a number of other non-government people around the world, are going to suffer from this.
Yea. But I'm not so sure what was happening in the east side of Ukr over the 8 last years.
How come that killed 15000 is beyond me.

Did you notice what USA did in October 1962?
They threatened nuclear war against the Soviet Union.
Do you remember why?
I think the Russians did a mistake this time around.
They should have followed the 62 excample and just thretened Washington
with nuclear right away, and mean it too.
Then maybe today things would look a little bit different,
cos no way in hekk zskyyy would act so bold
with no backup form the warmongers over on this side.
I've just been watching Sky live.

It appears Nato members have entered into Article 4 discussions and are being cautious. First they have to identify whether it was a Russian, or Ukrainian missile and it's recorded path.

If it was a Russan missile, it may have been knocked off course by Ukrainan defensive action.

If it was Russian and not knocked off it's original course, it must be established whether it was an accident, or deliberate. So far Russia is saying it had nothing to do with it at all, which is going to look awfully dodgy if Russian missile wreckage is found.

The one and only time Article 5 discussions have been entered into by NATO is after 9/11, so it's a crisis situation, but not that much of a crisis yet. Any escalation by NATO relies upon a unanimous decision by all member countries.

Having said that, the 85, or so misiles (costing about half a billion dollars) that Russia targetted Ukraine's power infrastructure with today has caused power outages and shortages in surrounding NATO countries at the start of Winter. It could affect the UK.

It appears it's unlikely that WWIII is going to break out over this, but if there is no response at all it will potentially send a message that NATO countries are indecisive about defending their territories.

I think that's an accurate portrayal of what I heard. The only thing I'd like to add is a personal opinion about Putin being a total wanker for targetting power supplies at this time of year. I realise there is a controversy about whether Russia was justified in invading Ukraine, or not, but I don't see how any of this, whatever Ukraine may, or may not have done, can be justified.
confused potus Roosevelt was anxious to get us into wwii and potus Johnson took us into the Vietnam war. hmmm and who dragged the usa into the Korean war. wave
Well Jac. I can't say I wish hardship on innocent civillians, ofcourse I don't.
And it's true the glow's has come off, but internally mind you in Russia he been critiziesed
for beeng to softhanded too long. I'm aware....yes I am, that there is an anti war opposision in
moscow, sure... I know. They'd like to overthrow him or stop the war by any means.
Still, the majorty seems onboard with the new hardline.

WW3. I suppose none of us want the planet to become extinct over this, but if Nato
goes in convetionally like as this was the gunshot of Sarajevo 1914,
then so be it and then maybe we'll quicker get and end to this endless war finally.
I suppose the war hungry D.C want an escalation over negotiatins. Sadly.
Syngman Rhee first and the last Head of State of the Provisional Government of the Republic of Korea, and President of South Korea from 1948 to 1960 He had emigrated to Hawaii, which was then a U.S. territory. He spent the next 30 years as a spokesman for Korean independence, trying in vain to win international support for his cause. In 1919 he was elected (in absentia) president of the newly established Korean Provisional Government, in Shanghai. Rhee relocated to Shanghai the following year but returned to Hawaii in 1925. He remained president of the Provisional Government for 20 years, eventually being pushed out of the leadership by younger Korean nationalists centred in China. (Rhee had refused to recognize an earlier impeachment, for misuse of his authority, by the Provisional Government in the 1920s.) Rhee moved to Washington, D.C., and spent the World War II years trying to secure Allied promises of Korean independence.
After Rhee assumed dictatorial powers, tolerating little domestic opposition to his program. Rhee purged the National Assembly of members who opposed him and outlawed the opposition Progressive Party, whose leader, Cho Bong Am, was executed for treason. He controlled the appointment of mayors, village headmen, and chiefs of police. He even defied the United Nations (UN) during the Korean War (1950–53). Hoping that UN forces would continue to fight and eventually unite North and South Korea under one government, Rhee hindered the truce talks by ordering the release in June 1953 of some 25,000 anticommunist North Korean prisoners.

The Americans started arming the French in 1952 following a so-called mandate the UK handed over to America. Then United States President Eisenhower & Australian Prime Minister created SEATO umbrella organization to managed a war in Vietnam and also Menzies supported the American commitment of troops to Indochina, in or about 1954.
In 1962 Australia (NZ also had a civilian medical team and troops protecting them at that time) Australia sent its first military advisers into South Vietnam to assist in the training of government troops. On 10 November 1964 Menzies announced the introduction of a new scheme for peacetime conscription by which 20-year-old males were chosen by a ballot of birth dates to serve for two years in the Australian Army. This included overseas service, and at the time seemed to herald a substantial commitment of troops to assist the United States in Vietnam.
Dirty bastards
Bits of something hit a farm......let's not get hysterical over corrupt Ukraine.....recall Biden's quid pro quo there....and the phone call they tried to impeach Trump over? sleep
Bomb the Russian bastards
There seems to be just a very small "oversight" in your commentary, as to who actually Started the conflict, This time around....

I'm claiming Russia responded to something.
But I think rolling in proved unwise.
Should have surfaced those subs off enemy costs instead.
Alen Ginsberg's take on things..

As true, today, as ever, it would seem...

Sorry, wrong blog!
The word is that the Ukraine is using Russian weapons to fight the Russians, and i haven't heard any word on western weapons being used by the Ukraine army yet..
All these promises of western countries arming up the Ukraine must be all piss and wind, or maybe the Ukraine isn't to keen on going into debt for western weapons...
If Obama and Biden hadn't encouraged public violence, the anarchy that occurred was completely the opposite the rule of law that should have been applied according to the democratic Russian Federation's constitution and bill of rights Act. Instead christian criminals in America and other countries, encouraged mob violence when they should have / could have assisted peaceful passage from communism (old USSR) in 1991 to a open and honest democracy, which of course lunatic's in America don't enjoy now either, nor does Australia because it to has to has followed the crazy American two party dictatorship system.

Worse I think our public service is flooded with RC idiots who think the grossly dishonest popes should rule the world. I was rather shocked to learn a very large number of catholics here in Australia openly supported Hitler as did the American government as did southern Irish quite a few the latter joined the German armed forces.
Religion I think should be banned until the religion demonstrates it is following a non violence path that of course includes the lunatic's in the vatican, you only have to check the vaticans and other religions (including some Buddhist to) check out the histories of religion relating to violence employed by the stupid idiots.
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