Edelweiss - CH I - The ALGORHYTHM [ LXV ]

Chapter I:

“When one realize it lives in a world in which the many people make a living through the unhappiness of others, and still they are the ones complaining or protesting about their lacks, odds, or fate, reaches to a point in which definitely asking itself “why am I being here in the 1st place?” – “what’s my purpose in this sick, rotten world?” – “why I am still here for?!” But for one to realize this harsh aspect of a Reality, it requires much understanding over the grief that gets it along, in order to pass through such moments of despair. Are very few people, to even attain such level of depth in comprehension of these matters, and.. unfortunately, not so many reaching on the other side of these cliffs, falling down in a tragic ending of a life that could have meant something for others which truly need support too, to make it through. A monstrous society, fueled by the very people mandating lawlessness as worthy to follow in accordance with the terms of agreements who change from a dominion to another. The very people that gather like cattle to the slaughterhouses they’ve created, administered by the very monsters they worship, while condemning the atrocities they’ve committed in a factory of humans turned in robots following the orders with no capacity of thinking at all, to be processed as numbers, tagged slaves to whom they’re belonging, together with their masters of deceit on the big theatre of the world. That is the same reason why most people avoiding a straight answer to a question like “whom are you serving to?” when a deeper questioning of their reality, as what they perceive as being theirs is merely a fantasy of which they cling and call it living. Even more, the majority will even enforce by any means such belief that’s deeply anchored in their being, for in their mind the amount of information that was compressed forming the modeled character, or acquired means to name a personality is entirely based on distortions. Once their perception upon Reality is distorted, the behavior will follow the same patterns distributed from the core. In such distortions, people are being often found and when really questioned deeper through, the mechanism of rejection what’s obvious is being activated, reaching to a point in which in order to defend the illusions in which they’re living, make use of cowardice up to violence, unless they are separated from the mainframe that ties them and fear being brought to the surface, in which then, recognizing everything as it is. So alike, with a general commanding armies, pushing men on the front line in killing eachother like beasts. When questioned, such a general, upon the righteousness of its deeds, it is mostly will react violently, sustained by the conjuncture of the hive where stands deeply anchored, for that is the field in which he has authority – although such authority is not even real on the 1st place, but only a feeling of safety having it, based on rank, status, title, and the many to back it up in case of emergency. While another general being questioned, could act more calm, due to its training, and even admit partially that what is doing is wrong, that inflicts harm upon others, - but that case would be rare. Even more rare, a general to admit crimes against humanity, split in two strains: one under the curtains of those besetting borders on the map of the world, and one outside their red tent, where people being led through a continue propaganda in partaking crimes, or just accepting the idea proposed as justification for the conflict. "
[ … ]
- Shall be continued…

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