Well it's not good news for the world

and certainly not for the USA. That language-challenged megalomaniac is going to run again. How can a good outcome be achieved I wonder - hard to see! Hopefully a generation younger pair can emerge, but the entrenched tribalism of America makes that somewhat unlikely, and the obsessive polarisation almost certainly dooms America to an era of continuing conflict.
Such are my immediate thoughts anyway.
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Just because your country isn't great, hasn't invented the Internet, etc, doesn't mean you have to try to run ours down. I, for one, would appreciate you keeping your unwelcome thoughts to your own side of the pond.

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What makes you think I am running your country down, chum? Your country's division however is palpable. Choice of Trump in 2016 was bizarre but a sign of the times. I do not give a fig for what you would appreciate, and so for your shalom I give you a kuessen tuckus. The issue is however the horrendous possibility of a Trump second coming...
an aside: (what sort of idiot puts in perhaps 40 emojis in a blog post I wonder?). Perhaps a Trump an Electoral fraud follower might, hmmm?
Don't be so narrow, whatever criticism of America is also a criticism of every western country. It's the canary in the coal mine. Fargo and his 1998 brain is simply the way you were.
@cc 1998? WTF was 1998? 1997 was HK and my first trip to China, but 1998 - where did that random 2000-2 year come from!
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