I just had a brilliant Orwellian Flash

I can envision Donald Trump as Napoleon in a Georgian Animal Farm ... who will be Snowball?
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Err probably no one. The right doesn't really have a diverse array of ideas, it just has an idea of what it doesn't want. Untested ideas. But I think whats weird about the right is that they're now revolutionary, a revolutionary brigade made out of the tried and true which seems paradoxical really.
And in this century I don't believe people really have that deep an ideology. What I'd say about politics today is that Trump stands for the workers in the same way woke stands for gay people - superficially, not really. It's more that politics is a distraction, a new era of tokenism
laugh laugh good visions thumbs up
Why is that bloke still relevant? frustrated
How about Liz Cheney for Snowball? Adds a new twist since Animal Farm was pretty much dominated by males apart from the farmer's wife.
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