Finally! My cranky old bugger gets fixed…I hope

So, after being ‘diagnosed’ and having his parts imported, PJ jr. is finally going to his appointment with the ‘car’ doctor today. It was put off last week due to the heavy rains (and my lazy bonesgrin).
Anyhoo, aside from his Ignition coil replacement, he has some blown bulbs, is also making a strange “whirring” noise (somewhere), and sometimes ‘bucks’ when I accelerate. It’s really funny to me how cars can mirror some of their owner’s similar defects.laugh
He also needs a thorough cleaning, as there’s Sweetie’s fur on the inside and weather dirt on the outside. Hopefully, I’ll get that taken care of later today, either before or after my other appointment this afternoon.

wave dancing wine
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Have a good one drinking
So much rain yesterday (and today too), so I didn't get everything I wanted looked at, but PJ jr. seems ok. I'll have to keep an eye and an ear out for the other 'little' things, but I'm happy. teddybear
Now I just need some sunshine so that I could take him to get cleaned.purple heart
You will polish his frontal area? Give it a good rub?

I didn't polish (don't need to due to the 'glossy' quality of the paint-finish), but I did clean him up a bit.grin
You probably made his day then. dancing

purple heart
Here's the problem.

You keep referring to you vehicle as 'he' and we all know that ALL cars are 'SHE'S'

Your car is suffering from an identity crisis and only you can help the poor ol lady on the road to healing.
Good luck with her.thumbs up
laugh I hope so
Well Luke, men have decided that the things that they own should be addressed as the opposite sex, but I'm not 'male' so I won't refer to PJ jr. as 'she'. For that matter, he knows that he's 'my main man', so there ain't no identity crisis as far as I'm concerned. grin
Sometimes it's cheaper to buy a new car instead of trying to restore the old. banana
Sometimes...maybe...but PJ jr. is worth the trouble.applause
Is PJ of sentimental value to you conversing

Anyways, don't ever be stuck again when I've a shed full of brooms ...
I can always loan you one, with no flying license needed wink
laugh Thanks CW, never thought to ask lol! Besides, I'm a bit too old now to go back to driving a 'stick' shift.rolling on the floor laughing
laugh laugh now that's what I call good humor laugh

Happy motoring wave
laugh thumbs up
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