New rule: Never EVER use the phrase "It's very quiet, isn't it?"

During my time working, either in a store, in an office, in a cinema or in a warehouse, one phrase has made my blood run cold: "It's very quiet today, isn't it?"

Every time someone uses that phrase, things start to either fall apart or go nuts. I remember back when I worked in a supermarket. It was a Saturday evening, a few hours before close. A customer came up to my till, put his items on the belt and went "Huh, very quiet here today, isn't it? Must be very boring.." I was still relatively new, so I didn't know what that phrase would result in. My coworkers had this reaction:

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When the customer had left, it seemed like the entire town needed to do some shopping, because we were RAMMED..

The same happened at the cinema I worked at. "Quiet today", always resulted in a flood of people.

So, therefore, I propose a new rule: Never ever use the word "quiet" at work. It just ends badly
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aha... but you can use it here... safely giggle
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