Coming to you LIVE from Dayton, Ohio...

Greeted by freezing temperatures and 1/2 inch of snow, it was good to see my brother, nieces, nephews and their kids. Flurries, not enough to stick today, the sun came out for an hour this afternoon. Food, shopping, more food and more shopping. Two concerts lined up and indoor soccer with the kids tomorrow.
I bought a 5G laptop so I can keep up with work correspondence and personal email. Hopefully, I'll finish drawings and making a parts list for the next project going into production. Yes, I'm on vacation...
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I was stationed in the Air Force in Dayton in 1969-1970. Do they still have electric busses where they are tethered to overhead wires?
Yes, I saw them on my last visit. When I was a kid my family traveled through California and I saw the trolley cars in San Fransisco. When my brother drove through downtown Dayton to show me the electric bus system, I expected to see the same, but they are totally different.

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I saw an Eagles tribute band tonight. The venue was a theater that was built over 150 years ago and seats 1,100. The guitar players were good, harmony good, the bass player's sound was a muddy rumble, annoying at times and the lead singer (who sang Don Henley's parts) struggled with the high notes.
The audience loved them and that's all that mattered.
It's 17 degrees Fahrenheit this morning. I'll skip the walk I originally planned!

Yesterday, we made it to the National Museum of the US Air Force.
I've been there a few times before.
This time, we saw the I-Max 3D video about D-Day.

My visit included a 7 minute visit to the simulator. A metal bench seat and handrail with no seat belts, so you had to 'hold tight' not to side to the floor!
Lunch at a Thai restaurant, Wat da PHO.
I'd go again on my next trip up here.
A night of culture, we all went to the Schuster Center to see the Dayton Philharmonic with featured artist, violinist, Vadim Gluzman.
A few people advised me to wear compression stockings when flying. It prevents ankle swelling when sitting for long periods at high altitude.

One of the benefits of living in a 55 and over community is finding a medical equipment store to be really easy...

I bought some knee-high stockings that worked great!
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