CS bloggers i am in fog here.

I have just been watching more of the Ukraine slaughter very mad But do not understand the world watching on.

I remember my son not even 21 at the time being sent to an Arab country to chase Iraqis out. Orders were do not enter Iraq just chase soldiers out. Which was done, i am not debating about the wrongs of second time in though just why the same could not have helped Ukraine????
Do not enter Russia just chase soldiers out!!!!!

I am yes i am human and too watch this happening to all the civilians in Ukraine makes me feel so ashamed of being so called HUMAN
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Helo EXRED. Just dropping by to say "Have a nice Saturday!" bouquet
cheering cheering cheering thank you and you too teddybear
Hi Red, strange way the leaders of the free world work.

All depends if the country has oil or a mineral that's needed.

Russia has all the goodies so best to start a proxy war.
Still do not understand Russia either they were just having businesses setting up their mac Donalds etc integrating in a way then this!!!! most businesses pulled out.

I do not mean invading Russia just send his soldiers back. dunno
The way I see it:
More than 2,900 days of daily violence againstthe Russians in the Donbass by the Ukrainians.
Donbass needed to be saved. Russia obliged.

Boks against Italy presentlylaugh
"Do not enter Russia just chase soldiers out!!!!!"

Russia has bigger guns than Iraq ever had, it is nuclear armed and can easily devastate Europa at will, and Russia is a big energy supply for Europe are a couple reasons why the West cant just push Russians out of the land area called Ukraine. Ukraine was a very small land area until two maybe three Russian leaders added land to it.
Thanks for reply Luke but still makes me feel inhuman watching the destruction. moping
If he go home now and leave behind both Krim and Donbass
what will happen to the russian population there you recon?
I think we need a negotiated solutuon here.
Thanks for reply i will ponder on this but it all seems so inhuman. moping
Agree but the destruction on civillians etc things have gone too far. I just know if i saw someone being hit on street i could not stand and watch.

Thanks for replying all food for my thoughts. thumbs up
I know it's fouked up.
Expect worse though, as winter is gonna make them starve and freeze to death too.
It's horribel for sure.

If there was political will in London and Washington to put real pressure on Kiev
to leave the "you get not even one inch of Ukrainian land mr. Putin!" - line, then
I think the war would have ended before christmas.
Bill Gates and the WEF want population to decline, if your a socialist atheist satanist what’s not to like dunno
Is Russia wrong? Is the Ukraine wrong? This mess is so covered up, we get only one side news depending on nations media. If you look at many nations, there is ethnic cleansing that goes on every day. Some developed are just more subtle about it. That is just called discrimination.
I have viewed past wars. Came to the conclusion they are all over materials and making money for a few. Meanwhile the masses pay the costs.
Said years ago..lets go way out in the ocean and put an X on maps. Designate it a war zone. Then all countries who are into arms can steam their ships and fly their planes over it and dump tons of ordinance into the sea. All those weapons the masses have paid for. Then charge back home and yell..."All gone! Lets hurry and make more."banana thumbs up That way the elite can get richer and jobs will abound.
It is said the Ukraine is a proxy war. Is it? Is this the spot in the ocean the world has decided on in their secret cabals? The bad part of the ocean concept is population control. Guess the Ukraine is to take care of that. Along with designer viruses.
Who is in control? Who is in collusion? Who is meeting in secret behind closed doors? Who is the ones to pad their coffers and gain? One thing for sure...the people are the ones who suffer.moping
wow i think it has got more to do with America and UK teddybear
Ray thanks for answering but i do not understand your comment at all. I was trying to understand fully what is going on, all i see is slaughter of civilians
Orzzz thanks for your reply, i agree each of us only get news from the stance of our own countries, hence my question on here.

I agree plenty of money to be made in any war but not initially i think. Maybe a dispute is prolonged when money comes into any war but the start is usually about a principal, by the head of that government or madness too comes into it.

As for this (invasion) as i call it, no matter which country or money made etc, i see the rape of women, capture of young men and taken away, and mass torture of civilians and hidden in mass graves. My point and upset is the amount of country leaders just watching on sidelines. I do understand at first not getting involved but as one human to another this invasion has gone too far is slaughter of civilians not soldiers. I still thank you muchly for your input. Stay well teddybear
Alright, I'll give it another shot.
1) Washington D.C is leading team A. On team A is also the oligharks of Kiev.
2) That D.C leadership is run by private businessmen,
not politicians even if these pretending to steer the ship.
Biden and co. is well paid actors.
3) The above mentioned drivers of the war from team A's side
has about zero interests in human suffering.

Does this put things more in perspective?

Nobody who is in charge on the western countries want to get involved
cos we don't have some kind of hero politicians these days who will go against the will of rich american/european moneymakers who have both the press and poiticians at their service!

Hence the war will go on, cos the ones in charge over at our side
Get it? What does your son(s) say about it?
I suppose you discuss this with them as well.

Anyways, that is my 2cents. And ofcours I could be wrong.

grand i do not get you as you seem to be blaming EU and America for this slaughter invasion.
Putin started this 9 months ago he does not seem to care at the loss of his soldiers lives
Some of these soldiers are thugs not soldiers at all.

I have on son at one end of country and the other at the other end. I went on marches against second Iraq war and other son nearly fell out with me. I explained the march was against government of the day as it was all lies and my youngest son could loose his life.

He is 51 now and out army after 15years. He did Bosnia too and at the time he felt bad as Iraq soldiers were young kids without uniforms stuck in trenches and if lucky the food run came around once a day. How can i fight that he said.
Bosnia he saw the civilians with nothing, one old lady his command looked after she was living under corrugated iron shelter which they made safe and food rations went to her. He left army with spinal injuries which he has been treated for ever since. But he works for his family. He reckons civilians do not know how to work but he is left with the 24-7 mentality not our workers. He says nothing in his life will his family ever have to live like the people and things he saw. So all this time on he does not talk about that part of his life, nor out of respect for him will i involve him in any debate about this war.

Now the war has gone too far for any push backs from anyone as yes money for weapons companies has set in. Honestly i am glad i am the age (for once) i am as i see the humanity in people is eroded. moping
Your heart is in the right place as usual! teddybear
Hi Red,
Please don't think for one moment that I'm pro Russian because of my stance in Europe.
The only reason I'm against the west is because I have seen the exact same tactics many times with countries that only war can turn a failing economy into a stiff profit.
According to the Financial Times:

US oil producers have raked in more than $200bn in profits since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine as they cash in on a period of geopolitical turmoil that has shaken up the global energy market and sent prices soaring.

Apparently the weapon sales exceed this.

Remember that Biden is soliciting all western countries to send weapon arsenals to Ukraine, so in other words their own weapon stockpile needs to be replenished and who do you think is the supplier of these new weapons? Remember that most EU countries obliged when Biden requested the weapons.

This war was orchestrated since 2014 when thousands of Russians in the Donbass were been systematically slaughtered by the Ukrainians and this all was not even mentioned by the MSM.

Do some research on the 'Minsk agreements', there were 2, and both of them were broken by the west.

I hope this helps a bit. I too was in favor of Ukraine untill I found out the truth.
thank you kind sir teddybear
Luke yes i get you but lessons learnt in my life, my mother was German and as a young girl she said the currency was worthless until Hitler came to power. Then after awhile she lived in Dresden and it was bombed flat, her father said do not live with hate in your heart. \That was all a different side to the war then i was taught. Only thing with mother she did not change her views on the Jews. This showed me more understanding on brainwashing. If now Germany was being invaded i could not say do not help because Germany did this and that in the war. All countries evolve.
Now Ukraine, i know that was more recant past but papers had been signed etc for a democratic country and Russia has brutally invaded. I do not say do not help Ukraine because of its recant past i just saw brutality that was not a war it was inhuman to civilians. But however i have read everyone for deeper understanding to what was happening before my eyes. As Ozzz said we only see what our own country shows us.
Thanks to everyone who repled, teddybear teddybear
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