The kindergarten flight...

My trip back from Ohio started off good. 17 degrees, super windy but no snow. The connecting flight was in Charlotte, North Carolina and I received a text message the flight plan changed to a different gate. This time it was on the other end of the airport. No problem, I consider that the same as my morning walk in Florida.
Beautiful skies around 50 degrees but no time to enjoy as I had less than 30 minutes to gobble an $8 slice of pizza and head to the new gate. The pizza was actually good and maybe the most expensive price paid for a single slice.

I didn't pay much attention to the plane other than it was huge and probably held 200 passengers and crew. Typically, I wear sound deadening ear plugs and a hoodie jacket to keep my elbows from rubbing the armrests. Cat naps when possible, we had a few hours in the air. Checking the weather radar, it showed all of South Florida covered in rain. Early in the flight the pilot announced we would have to do a slight course change to avoid bad weather adding at least 30 minutes of travel.

A few rows ahead of me were a group of women and their young children, both sides of the aisle, easily a group of 10. While the earplugs muted the sound of the engines, I could hear the 'bing' sounds when the pilot (or crew) made announcements and sometimes I pulled the plug enough to actually hear what was coming over the announcement system.

Turbulence was very high and the seat belt signs were on for the entire flight.
Also for the entire flight were the children whining, talking, crying, shouting and being rambunctious. It never stopped. The guy sitting next to me commented his kid never carried-on the way these children did. While I didn't hear anyone (other than him) being vocal about it, I'm sure they all had similar opinions.
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Wow 8$ and I though we were expenseive here... is the way of todays upbringing I'm afraid. I see parents discuss in the store with their 3-4years olds all the time. The latest was "no we don't have time for that (kid started climbing some apperatus) if we are to catch buying the present to uncle John. I mean, since when was a kid intersted in taking responsibility for uncle Johns presents lol??

They also teach them that cars are bad pollutig boxes, a public enemy,
so those you can try to stop with your own soft body, even if it means walking on red.
Oh, and if there is no light but only the zebra crossin- RUN OUT! ..and save the environment that way...

Daily I hear on the news about a pedestrians hit while crossing the zebra.
The cars are not driving faster- rather much slower.
They just walk out now, like holy cows. Don't look left nor right.
Debie, a 5 year old was told by her dad that she had been rude.
Well dad, was her reply that shows that I will be a good candidate for leadership............
"And a miserable unhappy life dad replied" (or forgot to reply:)
Grand, very expensive per slice, but it's the airport. Around here in a restaurant $16 gets you a coal-fired gourmet pizza!
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