Edelweiss - CH I - The ALGORHYTHM [ LXVII ]

Chapter I:

“Yet, truths are meaningful for those who embrace a side of Reality with the hope of understanding this life and their place in this world, while the rest, living in ignorance until the day when Reality itself will hit them with shock after shock until such awakening happens. That Awakening, is not that deceit promoted by the many gurus deceiving the world with practices driven from magic and witchcraft, meditations in vain and “paths of enlightening” promoted as beneficial to human beings while those emerge from obscurity and darkness, being tied to demons. That Awakening, is not that competition of blindness and madness of who knows what or what knows best, nor about the level of information acting more as generator of confusion and wandering, and definitely, can’t be found in the shelves of an academy of futility nor in the poor inventions of mankind. But that Awakening, comes in the shape of what openness has the human being to its inner side, in what way it connects to its roots, to its origins, that specifically targets its Conscience. While Conscience, truly, does not mingle with the concepts such as “oneness” – “singularity” – a deception dragged from the same Illusion of Reality which in a way represents the search of human mind in finding answers, while on the other side, representing an agenda of religious union pushed to the nations, for a worldwide cult, - nor with erroneous concepts concocted in parading science and discovery, chasing rainbows all over the places, or seeking shelter in a bubble of narcissism. Awakening happens gradually, as a process of Conscience, in which human being starts to actually see Reality, fragments of it, as much as it is needed, for its comprehension. Yet, that Awakening, involves Sufferance, Pain, Despair, which can be counterbalanced only through Faith and even more, faith and deeds. There are many sides of Reality, indeed. And if I’ve chosen one to think of, involving mainly, that one of the Veil, in which can be distinguished different levels of Obscurity and Darkness, surrounding this world, it is for the same reason why a human being has to understand what is going on with itself, with people around and with this world. It is not easy, for someone, who lived its entire life in Illusion of Reality, to find out such ultimate truths, for it brings harm – one not intended, though – or it inflicts the very path of life on which it is being found. But questioning the Reality, should become a focus, for a human being, because that exposure to the level of evil, makes it aware that it is real, and could then distinguish the real war, the unseen one, which is the war within. Then, a human being, can understand the struggle of others, and the multitude of traumas to which they are being exposed day by day, without to realize that all and everything is affecting them too, if not in the present days when they enjoy the life in a form of luxury and distracts them from this side of Reality, in future, when the people will be changed by the times, and when the world will become a prison for every single one following the very System they conceived, developed and promoted, while tyranny after tyranny being unleashed gradually, regardless of who is richer, stronger, or smarter. This lack of responsibility present in the people’s hearts, will eventually bring them as much sufferance as they have contributed to spreading it worldwide, while different trials awaits them, and there won’t be voices to be heard, as cowardice and fear conquered the many hearts, while being robbed of all what ever knew as freedom, being left to oblivion and despair. I wonder, where will be this ignorance of people, in those days, since everyone will be exposed to the shock of knowing Reality, through live experience of it?! It would be too late, for the many among them?!”
[ … ]
- Shall be continued…

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