The truth about TRUTH...

As you know, years ago, Trump had issues with social media having been banned from Twitter and Facebook. He couldn't comply with their terms of use and complained when his posts were deleted. To him (and others that followed him) it was censorship.
It was then I blogged and stated, if he cannot comply with their rules, he should form his own social media group.
After months of preparation, programming delays and other legal matters that had to be completed, he released a new social media platform called TRUTH. Millions flocked to it on it's initial release... only if you had an iPhone as it didn't support other operating systems. What the user got was a Twitter clone direct to the mouth of Trump. Not a good start. Like any new venture, it had issues with financing and programming glitches where it was reportedly on the verge of collapse. What could go wrong?
Well... Elon Muck decided to buy Twitter and that was a roller coaster ride long before the start. Many of the profiles were bots and not real members. That was one issue of many. His talk about reinstating Trump's account had conservatives in 'happy mode' like the good old days. It appeared his firing greater than half of his staff, losing his advertisers had already put a knife to his neck and a gun aimed at his feet. I'm thinking financial suicide. How could someone with so much business savvy make so many mistakes?
Now, there's talk that Twitter is reinstating Trump's profile. Elon did a poll asking members if they wanted Trump back and more than 50% said yes. Not overwhelming... probably because many who would have voted no had already abandoned Twitter.

Can 'one' serve two masters?
If Trumps account with Twitter gets restored, there's a really good chance he would abandon TRUTH giving it a 'kiss of death' and that would be the truth about TRUTH.
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All the suspensions, including political blogs here, were a result of platform/site owners being legally responsible for content.

Trump's Twitter account may be reinstated, but it can be just as easily suspended if he pushes those legal boundaries again.

If Trump abandons his own platform then he has to respect the terms of Twitter and the associated laws.

If Trump is suspended a second time, or banned from Twitter and his own platform has failed, it reduces his chances of establishing a new successful platform. It will cut off a large part of his voice across the globe.

Maybe Musk is a bit more business savvy, or at least more politically savvy, than you give him credit for. Maybe it's not in the interests of business long-term for Trump to continue to manipulate the masses. It's not just Trump supporters that are being manipulated: Trump's antics have a worldwide impact.

The question is, is Trump business, or politically savvy enough to either not use a reinstated Twitter account, or use it and abide by the terms/laws of usage?
Truth Social has no significant ad revenue. They're biggest problem: TRUMP. crying
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