who created whom

Human created God or God created human or both created each other.

The concept of God exists only in the human species while not in other species.

The theory of existence of God is only based on that 'if there is creation there must be creator'.

If there is God, there must be only one God, why there are so many Religions and so many Religious-Gods and so many discriminations.

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"The concept of God exists only in the human species while not in other species."

Which species told you this? Or did you, due to the lack of communication, just assume this?

One G-d? Yes, this is exactly what Judaism believes. But we did not create H-m.
Nevertheless it is a concept of man created by man. Of course you know the Robert Green Ingersoll quote, An honest God is the noblest work of man. However often enough the bodies created to glorify this amazing 'being', the churches in their various forms, are vile and murderous.
You must be referring to the church of satan and planned parenthood help
@ray try instead Catholic and Lutheran churches and Church of England for starters. Burning at the stake has the symbolism of the cross, doesn't it - an act done in the eye and name and spirit of a god.
Joe Biden claims to be Catholic, sorry he is as satanic as a satanist , you lack discernment
No it does not. Also the 'church' is all the people who believe in God, Jesus and Holy Spirit. All of the religious denominations are man made...that's why they are flawed.
One of satan's favorite instruments is greed.
Humans have created every God known to the human race and the Gods of any/all other species on this planet, human understanding of a creator and God are 2 different things..

One God Please ! humans made Gods for the natural opposites that occur in creation.. laugh
Of course not even the slightest possibility of there been a one god, a one creator.
However in recent times a couple clowns spent forty days and forty nights listening to voices in de-heads, they reinforced a notion of a one god / one creator, and now many people actually do believe there is, because in there minds a one god.

All "sentient beings" of course have been migrating from life to life since beginningless time, and therefore there are many god like beings who have ceased "the causes", so in that sense of course many gods !!

Answer is "the causes" wave
Denial of death.It all makes perfect sense,myth and bullshit feels warm and fuzzy and i see nothing wrong with that.wave
God played with his universe long before he created us ....
out of boredom and for his amusement, he then created us...JMO very happy
God is the matter of belief, the more one tries to understand it through logic, the more complicated it becomes.
God is a personal-matter/personal-belief, let the God be in your heart, let it be inside your home, when it is made a social matter, then it takes the form of Religion and creates discrimination.
Oh, Lord, forgive, my little jokes on thee; and I'll forgive, thy great big one on me.

- Robert Frost
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