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I often read articles about Centenarians celebrating another birthday. In fact, just yesterday, I read about one who finally passed away; she was 113. But whilst some remain vibrant and somewhat active, being blessed with few medical issues, many aren’t so blessed. We know that, like an old car, problems usually arise with our bodies due to years of wear and tear, and poor choices with the quality of ‘fuel’ that we use daily. uh oh

How long would you like to live on this earth? Are you interested in living here any longer than you have to? Things are already very bad – war, crime, economic constraints, medical/scientific diseases, etc. It’s not going to get any better, so…?hmmm

VSEP (Voluntary Separation Employee Package) was once offered for employed persons to retire early from work (in my country). If God had such an offer, would you consider taking it?daydream heart wings
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Big day for the guy with the balloons... the back lighting was perfect!
thumbs up

A photo to remember.
If I'm all around healthy, then I want to be a Centenarian.

Since I can't catch a man in my young days, maybe as a Centenarian I'll pick and choose. banana
Yes, and he does seem happy too.thumbs up
Maybe so....laugh wine
Healthy life is better even if it is shorter than unhealthy life. But It is more better to have a long life with a healthy body and a healthy mind.
No way... I've got too many things that I want to finish and see.
Well actually if I went tomorrow then I guess someone else would take care of my 2 cats.
The days just fly by now and I don't get as much done as I should.
Since I retired I have everything in order in case I do go tomorrow. I have my burial plot and my life insurance is in my kids names. I put my house in my son's name so it wouldn't be stuck in the court system forever.
I taught the girl's how to make bread rolls, so now they can have them all yr round...lol
Well Hpylady, at least you seem prepared for any eventuality...thumbs up wine
Agreed.thumbs up
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