3rd Antichrist is dead Lucifer aka Marduke There will be no third antichrist

Revelations talks of the Antichrist announcing his power and a blood bath of the human race

Lucifer " his rule in secrecy is over" I hate or glad! To tell all of you is Dead,

Hello are you aware Lucifers is dead to this world 2016 I'm telling you the truth,

He lost his head and his heart in 2016,

And he can't regenerate with out them,
Nano bots would have regenerated him!
Google it, were at infancy of it,
Lucifer was played by the avitar Marduke to this world and can never return now,
Marduke aka Lucifer and the 20 parents that controlled the 20 Covens and now most of the Satanic Covens have been removed of this existence I'm telling you the truth,

From my sources there are only top people left that were part of a Covens,

And those are being watched and there thoughts guarded one evil thought will get them killed removed from this existence,

This what I have told you is 110% truth I'm not joking and I can prove it !!

Assention is just around the corner to have a new body of light, as long as you keep your thoughts pure full of love, not ugly

For those not ready there soul will be put with all the rest and you won't assend to a light body 4D earth is where we're all going fast , most of the evil one cleared from this existsitence,

Okay so let's look for a bit of more truth my contacts say the people like myself it's going to be on us to teach the rest of humanity, what they have been kept in the dark on, first let me say we the people of humanity was looked apon by every one in the Satanic Covens, all 20

Humanity and all that were in it were called goium, Marduke said we were created to serve so the entity's in the the Covens wouldn't be served by pure animals,

Money system is going to pieces as we speak, keep in mind the swift money system and now is called K.I.M.S money system they just won't tell you they have lost the war President Bush Was talking about in one of his speeches, So this S.W.I.F.T money system was serviced by the fake Jews of the Satanic Church were talking about the very very top, "PROOF" start looking at your paper money they can't keep the lie hidden Compleatly what your going to see is. Is a bunch of fresh clean printed money with the dates of 2013 mostly and just a few bills here and there, that are Compleatly new but has the date of 2017, some will know this proof and others won't, why do we not have new bills with the correct date, no 2018-2022

You May look this up, what happens in 1912 that was so, that it really put a lock down on controlling dollars in are hands

Look into the Proof #1 Titanic was sank with some wealthy people on it apposed to Federal Reserve Central Banking, well they were delt with,

Google check out Proof of #2 The train ride to" Jekyll Island " 1912 by Central Bankers that had been trying to get there gready hands on are money, so even with all of the power they had they still had to play by some rules, and the main rule any banking charter could only be in effect for 100 years so this is why we have new Bills printed with old date of 2013, well why some say 2017 ?? Because the Bankers got to 2012 and knew they were not going to get a new charter that fast so they asked for an additional 5 years to get a new charter,

Well I will keep trying to add bits of proof you can see in more post

I'm going to give all of you my sources where you can start watching whats happening with are goal now that Mardukes dead and over coming the ugly discusting Satanic group that's bad for a very very long time a tight grip around humanity's throte tune in to,
United News dot Network every Monday , Wednesday ,Friday for News about restoring this planet with a
" Peace Plan " Insted of what we have had was silent Global Marshal Law age tune into by googling United News . Network soon all will have free paid for health Insurance and free Pet insurance on your animals and more Time You Get Involved and with all of us
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Lucifer never existed, because he/she/it has no function. Humans can invent plenty atrocities without supernatural intervention.
I hope he was given a good send off
Well I thought I would Comment on your Comment,

To my knowledge everything that was Created was done so by God,

Everything Everything has a purpose, So to the education I have been given by my Contacts over the last 4 years,

I have been involved with Ground Command that been removing all Satanic Covens Groups people,

Because part of their task the Satanic Covens were to slaughter the human race by wars pestilence , poisen ect,

Part of their other Task was to Convert people of light to the dark, and stop the people of light from graduating to there new 4 D body of light,

So I must disagree with you on this because of what I know first hand on,
But if you have that much dout you could contact United Network dot News
And ask them if I'm correct they have been very busy removing the remaining 30000 people that were part of the Satanic religion and are now down to only 16000 remaining last count over the week end these are folks that still harbor very bad thoughts to humanity and want to kill humanity ?
But please keep me posted if you find better proof that the Antichrist Lucifer is Dead as of 2016 he lost his head and his heart so his body couldn't regenerate with Nanites
The other thing you could do if you do really dout what I'm saying that ground command has been removing the remaining 16000 Satanic Coven Member's down from 30000 over the week end and you can't get though to ground command on United Network dot News
You could try contacting the remaining Satanic Covens group members!!
They are looking to replenish their ranks
Contact Black Rock, Google it
They are part of the remaining Covens
But what ever you guys think I would not wait till the date of Assention, because of you wait that long to decide if you believe what I'm saying now you know!!
" You May Just Miss Graduating In. A New Body light body!!" I would start really thinking about it!! Your other choice is to come back with the Antichrist and liers and cheaters for another 100 life times of 3D living in misery
What ever the story of who did what where and when what's happening at this moment it time is Ground Command Controls funding all over the world and when the remaining 16000 Satanic Pedofile members are turned or removed we can start planet wide restoration
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