Unexpected Dangers in online

"Woman flew 3000 miles to meet online boyfriend before being murdered for her organs".

Sad and Painful......
The romantic pursuits of a 51-year-old woman that saw her travel 3,000 miles from her home in Mexico for a date in Peru took a nightmarish turn after her dismembered body washed up on a beach.

Let's be careful and aware of the 'unexpected dangers' in online connections and dating.
Scammers target online dating services to commit Crimes, Cheating, identity thefts and financial frauds.
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I've never ordered a takeaway from 3000 miles away
Isn’t Russia saying Ukraines are harvesting organs today?
Oh my...blues sad flower
How did pedo get her info? You worry about any contact with strangers when you hear about monsters like this. There actions harm everyone.
Yes there have been thousands, male & female, even while i am typing this a good chance someone around the world is going to sleep for the last time, & the ones that get to go to sleep before the removing of their organs are the lucky ones, & Saudi Arabia & Mexico are very well known for those acts
Was thinking the same
A first date should always be in or around the woman's turf. What sort of man makes the woman travel to him? That sort of man.

And yet we have to put things into the context of a world with 8 billion people and a media to inform us of the worst of it. Being suspicious of everyone you meet has to be put into perspective, you're far more likely to drown in your own bath tub and it doesn't stop people bathing. By being hysterical about the danger brutes will come to power in a billy no mates police state.
It may be a fact but I can't seem to wrap my mind around it.

So how does this even occur,
you walk in somewhere with a cooler and they give you cash.
The desperation of ALL involved is so overwhelming and reflects the extremes.
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