How many Sharon's does it take to fill a dating site?

How many Sharon's? So far, I count four. It started yesterday with a woman who claims to come from San Antonio, Alaska. You and I know San Antonio is a city in Texas... not Alaska. I could be wrong. Maybe I should Google to find out.

Morhan is the profile handle and she's 30 years old.
Shortly after, Rane74566 a 30 year old woman from San Antonio, Texas appears with the same photos.
That makes two.

Today, Sharon5747467 also 30 from Texas signs on CS and in the same breath, Sharon5746 30 years old from San Antonio, Texas appears.
That makes four.
I wanna believe they are quadruplets. Are you with me on this?
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I had one contact me from Green Bay, Hawaii.
Sharons? , There are also Karens

(Available, here, that is. At least if not, in name, then in spirit)

* Not a dig at the CS site, as Karens, seem to be universally distributed around the globe!
Many of them are illiterate too !

There are also "Kens" What is a "Ken"? (See link above)

To wit:

We have a (somewhat) "prominent" "Ken" here, actually. (A nautical fellow, I'm lead to believe)...

I HEAR YOU! I always check to see it the City and State exist together. I had one, from Buckskin Joe, CO......
Yes, there WAS a "Buckskin Joe, CO". It was a movie set used as a frontier ammusment park till a wealthy CO Rancher bought it and had it moved to his private property in the 1990s. Also I see "towns" listed that exist.....with a population of only 45 in 2010.........again questionable. I have no idea if the "guy" side has the same. These days we ALL need to be cautious. I've been scammed for money once I 'jumped-site' and when I refused, "they/she" hacked my email address. It took me some serious time to eliminate the threat and shut the address down. Poor sentence structure or sentences that make no sense.....Profiles that look "cut and pasted" probably are. If they claim to be highly educated, but can't put a decent paragraph togeher in their Profile, they are probably "fake". Also the Profiles can look translated (poorly).
Now, if they are not willing to 'chat' here, they are probbly just trying to accumulate email addresses to either hack or sell.............BE CAREFUL OUT THERE!
Make that FIVE.
30 year old Sharon584 from San Antonio, Alaska joined us this evening.
All the Sharon's have disappeared... Thanks CS!
When Sharon,
Met Karen
And Darren
Was darin'/
When the witch
Shocked the midnight/
With fright, and with scarin'/
The feathers off roosters/
(And all was bizzare then)/
They all huddled under a blanket, there wherein/
Modesty forbids me, to go not now therein!
© lovecanbereal
© lovecanbereal
Sorry, chat, but I'm a perfectionist!

Also, there could be, some honest Sharons, on here, (you never know) here's to the honest Sharons (if any)

Very possible. Wasn't that attractive woman from Thailand here because her sister found a guy on CS?
I think her name was Sharon.
Not more Sharons, surely?


(There are Kath and Kims, also,
but they are basically honest!)...

thumbs up
Sharon Stone was actually on Bumble awhile back and had her profile deleted because people didn't think it was actually her. You're not on bumble are you chat?laugh
No Bumble... sorry!
When did CS became a PORN site?
This jerk needs to be remove.
What a sweetheart. Did you report him?
I don't know how.

Maybe they are reading your blog and delete the scumbag.
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