Antichrist Dead part #2 what

Hello I'm Michael in my first blog we talked about the Antichrist Being Dead!!
Okay So What's really happening??
It's High Time For all of you to know what's really going on!! Let's give everyone the new hope they deserve
Okay the part from all of you that tune in here that are straight Up,. Believing only what the bible says! Are you sure it was not put there so that you would believe ?? Well please play nice with all your comments and please don't shoot the messenger!!
How far back can the human race see?? 2000 years 4000 years 8000years with compleat 100% accuracy let me pose a question to all the people? Could there have been a time in the past that a group and an individual took compleat control of all the facts? Well I would say it started in the burning of the very very first library in Alexandrea when the library was so big that any new ships coming into port there they would secretly board the vessel and remove any books the vessel had but then the library conveniently was burned down how convenient with all that knolage !! Could a group gain compleat control of all knolage even the info in the bible?? A group of Satanic pedofiles Jews that are not really Jewish but call them selves that so they can't be wiped out! And did you know if, I'm not part and your not part and all your loved ones are not part of there once was Group in there Satanic religion then we were all referd to and called "Goium" and there religion said their God created us so they wouldn't be served by beings that also looked like animals , And that it was are purpose to serve the Satanic fake Jews , try and see if you can Google and Locate the covenants of the Jews and read up it's a shocker,
Any way I'm here to say good things are happening I'm not here to bring you down I'm here to give you hope for what's been happening and kept from you! I telling you the truth the 3rd Antichrist is dead !! All the Satanic Covens Parents are dead, all the Satanic Covens broken up!! And the Satanic money sytem The S.W.I.F.T Babalonium money system called the Federal Reserve, only had a 100 year Charter from the time President Wilson signed it in to law in 1913 that's why , Your not going to see dates on any dollar bills newer them 2017 and they asked for additional 5 years to get a new charter and it didn't happen, So bills your going to see are a bunch of new 2013 and a few 2017 and that's it, no 2018-2022 the money system has been taken from the Satanic fake pedo Jews over and now it's called, K.I.M.S.
Key Monitary Money System , soon all will know every one,
So if you have watched any of the History channel program Nostradamus he talks about the bible and the Coming 3rd Antichrist and a blood bath of the human race , well it's not going to happen sorry! What is going to happen and this is why I'm Writing this! All over the world governments are going to fall why. Because they the politicians are all part of the Satanic Pedofile fake Jews , all governments every where are going to be replaced with assembly's of citizens this is already under way and has been for the past two years no matter where you are on earth I hope you find the New assembly by you and get involved with your vote your say because I can't tell you how bad your vote is needed and if there is not one in your area it's time you get one put together for your area, when the Funding starts flowing it will be flowing though the assembly s then your going to see world wide Planet Earth Restoration happening and there will be peace world wide, this has been under way sense the passing of the third Antichrist, and what will you be doing ?? Well that's another reason why I'm here soon people every where will be doing what they have always wanted to do, as long as it's peaceful and in line with the restoration of earth, get the facts at start getting the real News at from all over the world, be a part of it, reporting where your at
United Network dot news
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Hey Michael, welcome to the blogs mate..
Your blog is interesting and doesn't go with the natural flow of BS that goes in religious blogs, the control of info has and always will be a big thing.. Control what people think the past was and you can control what they believe in the future..
Hey Butcher559 thankyou for your "Nice" Comment, you know the movie Plot where the Aliens come to earth and the start killing everyone and controlling there mind, Well what most of the people who would watch that plot including me long ago, they don't just think it " already happened" and that's whats been keeping all these UFOs from coming back with more or land and start killing humans, there's already been one very mean nasty one that did it years and years ago, they have just been ruling us in compleat silence, and though certain groups they were called the Satanic Covens were the old Gaurd here Now gone and broken up,
It's interesting how you say the FED bank in the US is finished and they have stopped printing new money ?
The banks all over the world have been very quiet, the IMF and World bank haven't commented about much or forecasted much..
Don't really hear much about the big Chinse banks, or much talk from the BRICS trade block of nations;; The Russian Ukraine war seems to holding the worlds trade back a bit..

I agree reading into the bible to much can be a mistake, at times its like powers that be are trying bring bible prophecy/stories into our presences..
All Central Banks World wide were started in every country by the Rothchilds Family and they control them, This is what's been standing in the way of humanity and the planets Restoration, I'm Not to sure what the notes or bills from other Central Banks say on them regarding a current Date on their Bills, but I do know that all Central Banks as of 2017 are hanging by a thread just like the Fedral reserve Central Banks ! Even China And all their communist countrys all get there funding from Earth's Ground Command. And when ground Command has finished dealing with the 16000 Remaining individuals of Satanic Coven Left over then your going to see Earth and Humanity's Restoration kick into high gear , and people all over the world will start to end there job and start doing work they have always wanted to do for a living caring for people humanity and the planet,
Sorry but you’re wrong about the banks. In approximately 1650, a cloth merchant, Thomas Smith opened the first provincial bank in Nottingham. During 1694 the Bank of England was founded by Charles Montagu, The First Earl of Halifax -not related to the Rothschilds in any way!
I also see Israel is much quieter since Netanyahu got the chop, i wonder what's happening there ?
Do the Israeli's still use Palestinian's for target practice and the testing of new weapons ?

As for the banks i thought they were trying to go cashless ? there is still the credit system that's numbers and zeros on a screen, i wonder how secure people are with the credit system after covid disruptions..
Butcher559 Netanyahu has just been reelected
Bill f'n-Gates is a Rothschild his mother was Washington State CEO RB of Disneyland
They removed the promise to pay from our notes a long time ago.
The Reserve Bank of Australia is Australia's central bank and banknote issuing authority. It has had this role since 14 January 1960, when the Reserve Bank Act 1959 removed the central banking functions from the Commonwealth Bank.
The Reserve Bank of Australia is Australia's central bank. It conducts monetary policy, works to maintain a strong financial system and issues the nation's currency. As well as being a policy-making body, the Reserve Bank provides selected banking and registry services to a range of Australian government agencies and to a number of overseas central banks and official institutions. It also manages Australia's gold and foreign exchange reserves.

The role and functions of the Reserve Bank are underpinned by various pieces of legislation. The Bank is a statutory authority, established by an Act of Parliament, the Reserve Bank Act 1959, which gives it specific powers and obligations. In terms of the Act, there are two Boards: the Reserve Bank Board and the Payments System Board.

The Reserve Bank Board's obligations with respect to monetary policy are laid out in Sections 10(2) and 11(1) of the Act. Section 10(2) of the Act, which is often referred to as the Bank's ‘charter’, says:

Given the important financial linkages between Australia and New Zealand, the Council of Financial Regulators (CFR) places considerable importance on the effective coordination of trans-Tasman crisis resolution and planning arrangements. This coordination is achieved through the Trans-Tasman Council on Banking Supervision (TTBC). The TTBC was established in 2005, by the Australian Treasurer and New Zealand Finance Minister. In addition to CFR agencies, the New Zealand Treasury, the Reserve Bank of New Zealand and the New Zealand Financial Markets Authority are members. An updated Terms of Reference for the TTBC came into force in February 2017.

Original Constitution Act 1900 New Zealand is recognized as an Original State of Australia
An Act to constitute the Commonwealth of Australia. [9th July 1900]
6. The Commonwealth shall mean the Commonwealth of Australia as established under this Act.
“The States” shall mean such of the colonies of New South Wales, New Zealand, Queensland, Tasmania, Victoria, Western Australia, and South Australia, as for the time being are parts of the Commonwealth, and such colonies or territories as may be admitted into or established by the Commonwealth as States; and each of such parts of the Commonwealth shall be called “a State.”
“Original States’’ shall mean such States as are parts of the Commonwealth at its establishment.

Politicians lie-a-lot and they are still talking crap here today
No wonder why Israel has been quiet Rob, i never thought Netanyahu would rise again;; he must have a few secrets up his sleeve's on people..

Banks are all the same as i see it, ripping people off by charging interest on money they don't really have..
Now with crypto currency and all, there must be still a lot of ways to pay even for countries with US sanctions on them..
@op you don’t say how you acquired this knowledge of what will happen, you say you even know more than Nostradamus, where did you find out what will happen. You don’t indicate your source. You say don’t shoot the messager , so if you are the messenger who sent the message?
I Am the messenger it may be easy for some to take out of context what was really said I will Provide You the Source, just like I gave every one after each Artical last time, its up to you if your that interested in graduating this life time and know current events, That have been with held and covered over by Satanic Pedofiles and the black sun cult, it's up to you to do your own research if your this interested, but it is now coming down to a time Ray, that you will need to make a choice, but then if you have not been contacted yet then you are more then likely not on that side, The remaining 16000 have been given a choice if they make one thought of really going though with some way to destroy or hurt humanity they will not remain on Earth, just like the Georgia guide stones were delt with Google it, and it's been said we're getting down to the bottom of the barrel so when you see people missing you will know, So Ray650 here are the contacts you may research

On the Satanic Side you may Google and reach out to black sun cult and or Black Rock, I'm sure they are trying to Replenish there group of followers,

On the Other Side you may reach out to

United Network dot News
They have free News programming Monday Wednesday Friday That will give you info on the State of the Remaining Satanic Pedofiles
I won't give you name's it's up to you to perform your research!!
As the messenger, I'm here to help people see finely what's been held from them,
but they need to go get all the info and take the red pill ,
I could sit here and give you name's dates and places but you have shown that you didn't really read what I said in the articles correctly , Or you wouldn't have taken it out of Context,
I did say in part two Antichrist is dead where we are headed,
but you say I didn't,
But I have given you the information and even how you may find out about ground Command , Happy research it will take much much much more than what you have to said, To make the hard work of others Sense 2016 not worth anything like it didn't happen, I think you should read the Articles one more time, as if some one should go into depth, if you are interested in graduating this life time, and not be made to live another 100 life times with lyers and cheaters, then you will try to understand it all, I know why I believe what I believe

quote=Ray650]@op you don’t say how you acquired this knowledge of what will happen, you say you even know more than Nostradamus, where did you findce out what will happen. You don’t indicate your source. You say don’t shoot the messager , so if you are the messenger who sent the message?Hello Ray I just want to Reply to your Comment "taken out of text I didn't ever say I know more than Nastradamus " even he said that the human race and it future was Not set in stone, Another thing, I did tell all my sources at the end of each one, let me give it to you one more time, I you may go back and look it is there for you to follow up on!! But now more than any time we are on a Count Down to Earth's
It's nice to see people that take what is said Compleatly out of context , what was said is and Nostradomus say's future is not written in stone," I said that the blood bath by the 3rd Antichrist was not going to happen sorry" Is what I said, I have spent a great deal of my time to understand and research what I know, And some how because I tipped you off to what is in-store, I should be responsible for your education do your own research , I wanted to lift people up !! I did explain where this was leading the human race to Earth's restoration, I at no time said oh I know more, if so repeat it !!
I also said don't try shooting the messenger Ray
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