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This must be Andi week and no one told me about it. Usually, I get emails or text messages like Black Friday sales, but Andi shows up unannounced. Yesterday, a new profile appeared with photos of Andi. I won't give out her handle, but she's 31 from Mississippi, if you are curious. I've lost count now if it's the 3rd or 4th Andi appearing on CS this month, but she's been popular with scammers. For many years, Andi photos have appeared on dating sites.

There is another dating site I visit and 2 bogus Andi profiles appeared last night. One from Spain and one from Brazil. Both profiles share the same photos. It's a free site, but you cannot send or read messages without paying... So much for being free. That doesn't matter as many new members buy a month of premium membership and blast out messages to standard members. Small audience and short lived as contact information (email or phone) is prohibited on the first 2 contacts.

So what's it about Andi that makes her so popular? She's adult model Andi Land who has been around more than a decade. Google her name and you will see she's very attractive, slender with black hair in a distinctive style that's parted on one side and 'wraps' around to the other side. Most of her photos are just normal poses so you won't get to see the 'over the top' cleavage and oozing with slut. That's probably why her photos are used so often as the girl next door approach is so believable.
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