Edelweiss - CH I - The ALGORHYTHM [ LXXIII ]

Chapter I:

“I allow my words to flow such as leaves falling in autumn, for they will find their way to everyone who would need them in the future world in which tyranny will catch different levels, until touching the extremes. Some of those leaves pickers, know their use in discernment of Reality, to be able to cope with the age of Deceit that already started in previous generations. It will not be easy, for any of them, awaken to a world in which people’s choices will orient in following the very System they’ve created along time, the same one which will set chains through technology up to such levels that in this new, modern prison, people to curse the days they were born. The new System that will emerge from the fall of this one present in my times, will dictate everything in the lives of the poor, pitiful people who will adhere to it, either deceived by the offers that the modern progress brings, without realizing that will be the end of their freedom as human beings and turned into numbers in a list with numbers, either, by coercion in the most extreme ways, by new forms of legislation which will assign those against the System as “enemies of the state”. In the globalist form of governance, everyone is reduced to a number, and that is the fall of what is Human Being, in most parts, irreversible changes, as once the world takes such path, the imperialistic dominion takes place, absorbing everything in a soul harvest, the life once people knew will change so drastically, as never seen before in their entire history. Now, in these present times, all I can see among people is just confusion, in regards to everything they know. Most of them, can’t imagine a worldwide economy and what impact has on society, where digitalization it’s the end of human freedom. The world leaders in secrecy already declared war on humanity by even exposing parts of their plans of dominion, enforcing misinformation, disinformation and other extremes, making use of wording in confusion upon masses by naming conspiracy as theory, which act as cognitive dissonance beside other subversive tactics, determining people to reject even the obvious truths – partially, of course – in plain sight. That is all about changing perception in humans, upon their reality, up to different levels, reshaping their character and implicitly, their behavior. People being so weakened by the factors of determination, as much as the circumstances especially designed for mass control, develop only partial senses of the mind, altered and distorted, as to function only in the included parameters, assigned individually and using the society’s modeling to mold together a large consent upon what is good and bad, right and wrong, normal and abnormal. When some of them will be awaken by the times, because in their programming were some glitches and their training wasn’t completed, will be shocked to have seen their whole life was based on a lie, and even more, shocked to discover that their only way out is to isolate themselves from a society which will not have any place for them, except in their own prison, a worldwide technological mainframe, a grid to which “all are connected” “one is all and all is one” as in their propaganda dragged out of ancient texts with religious/cult implications under the ideological format as “oneness” “singularity” leading to some of the most serious damages in annihilation of consciousness, severity in infliction upon human being in the sense of what is identity, breaking down its inner structure and leading it to the point of merging with machines which will turn it into a number in a list with numbers. Very few people,indeed,have at least the slightest idea what they’re being confronted with,and to what path the world is being led in the name of the new cult of scientism,and there is no wonder,then,the new age religion is gradually inserted in people’s mind,developing acceptance.”
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