If you don't like SAX...

No two people are the same. While some want sax every day, others are fine without any. For me... I grew up on sax. It was all around as a kid and sax was pure pleasure. But then, the shine tarnished and sax wasn't giving me the pleasure I desired. To be honest, it was annoying as I grew older. Maybe just too much sax in my life ruined it.

Pawn shops and music stores go hand-in-hand. I remember getting my first Spanish guitar from a hock shop. I must have been 12 or 13 years old. If I recall, it was $20 but my dad only had $17 so the store owner made the deal. In school, I studied music. Formally, my instrument was oboe and right behind me was sax... 3 sizes. Alto, Tenor and Baritone. Only one person could play the Baritone as it was so big, they had to sit it in a holder.
One Saturday, my day and I were perusing pawn stores and found a smaller sax. It's size is Soprano and much smaller than the others, also it didn't have a curve at the bottom like the others. I hadn't seen anything like that in the school symphony or the marching band.
I wanted that sax. So, we put $5 down and would return each week making installments until it was mine. If my memory is correct, my dad had a heart attack and was unable to work. It was a short time later he had a triple bypass open heart surgery and was out of work for several months. We never returned to the pawn shop to finish the deal on the sax.

In other blogs, I've mentioned my musical taste is fickle. I could like something one day and not the next...or if there is a style change. On my 'do not listen' list you can find Country Music. To be specific, American country. I grew up in Miami and 'country music' was totally connected to the people in the area. Islanders, listened to different 'country' music.
On the highway one day, a CB'er asked "Where's the country music station?"
My response was "What country?"
I don't recall hearing any sax in country music. Moot point as I don't listen.

What I do listen to is Smooth Jazz.. but only in small doses as the sax quickly gets annoying. C'mon, aren't there any other instruments suitable to play smooth jazz?
Ian Anderson / Jethro Tull could play flute to rock music, I'm sure somewhere in the world there's a 'kickin' flutist playing smooth jazz.

So.. if you're like me and you don't like sax, I suggest you stay away from smooth jazz.

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My then wife used to play Kenny G all the time - I mean all the time. Drove me crazy, and consequently I loathe and detest solo sax. My son, then about 16 or 17, still in high school shared my aversion, and one day simply 'disappeared' the dreaded CDs.
My g-son is in the 8th grade and plays the sax, it's a big sax, that's all I know..lol He's a big kid, he's 6 ft tall. He doesn't have to put it on a stand so it must be the one in the middle. He plays in the jazz band at school and his teacher had him play with his jazz band on a Sat night at a club. He was so good and he loved it. His teacher plays a really good organ in the jazz band. My daughter also played sax all through school. The smaller size.
@Friend Bloody hell I listened to 3 seconds of it, and it still drives me nuts.

During my second trip to China I happened to visit the main park in Chengdu, an overcast day of course because the sun never shines in Chengdu in my experience. In a large paved semi-circular courtyard two lone figures, standing 50 metres apart were each rendering Kenny-G impersonations. I took to my heels leaving my wife dotingly listening.
@Friend as it happens my son spared me the saxophone, but he played the bass clarinet. Proficiently. He got a school band trip to Italy and Austria. But! During the official recording session in Venice (he thought Italian girls just amazing) he squeaked or squawked on the low B! Oh despair, oh woe oh woe was he. There it is loud and clear and glaring on the CD for posterity!
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