Christmas Music Videos

Feel free to join in in posting some of your favorite Christmas music videos.

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We will have proper snow here from next week.
Last christmas is still the best tune snowglobe
Ignore the above. For some reason, the link addy wasn't coming up for me.
Yeah, I did. rolling on the floor laughing

Never seen that one before until now. That's just sad!blues
hug haha Didi! gift
How about Brian McKnight then or Teddy
I like the artists, but prefer non-traditional
applause that song was a duet in Elf
Never heard "Christmas & You" before, but ok...
My favorite. laugh

Yeah, I like that one too. rolling on the floor laughing

I posted RUN-DMC's actual music video of that song in comment #7 on here. head banger

That song kinda grows on ya, huh? laugh
I have always loved this song!... dancingsanta

And this is a beautiful and heartfelt Venezuelan Christmas song, by a band of hotties from my hometown... laugh devil lips santa waving

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