Pretty worn-out for 34...

I'm not good at guessing a woman's age but I'd say over 40 to be realistic... perhaps 50'ish would be more accurate.

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A diplomate is a man who always remembers a woman's birthday, but not her age. thumbs up banana
34? hmmm ...
I've one (an Abigail) who looks early 20's but claims to be 40 and 3'7". She provides an 805 phone number while claiming to live in Darwin. She is the obverse of your case, pretty of course, well endowed and poking her tongue out.
Do you have any photos of her elbows? If I could see them I could probably give you an accurate age for her.
Yeah, she's using a stolen photo of 30 year old porn star Mia Milkova.
Gal, think of a tree...
Count the rings in her neck.

Now that was just bad! rolling on the floor laughing
Funnily enough TinEye turns up Ivanka Trump as a match for the clipped photo of said Abigail (along with other closer matches)!
just got an email from her. laugh
As clipped (omitting New and CS Connections) TinEye does not find that one, but several others at dating sites (sites not sights or cites this time laugh ) - you're using better match tech or maybe just google match?
A magician never reveals his secrets...
Google shows zero finds, TinEye has 4.

Another one has just shown up - taller at 3'9" and also a programmer. Why I wonder would an American programmer be showing $50-75k? Ignorance I guess. I used to earn that in 1980. The last 3 are 'Hi Fargo, how are you doing?'
"Mia" is gone...
I'm trying my best to think of a good excuse.
LIke 20 yrs ago she took 10 yrs off her age and has forgotten to change it.
Or she's laid in the sun way way too much. dunno
Or a scammer is using her pic sad flower
Would you have picked that pic Ray.. I don't think I would.
They use all types , beautiful to plain Jane, , probably Fargo would think he has a chance with her laugh
@ray fine looking woman but as to a chance - no interest regardless of the details.
Bwahahaha laugh
Did you happen to notice her nice and smooth elbows.

The profile of the '34' year old woman is gone. 100% fraud. Aside from the age, the photos turned up on other dating sites with different locations and ages.

Dutch, 52
Cindy from Amsterdam really gets around...

We should sing about her..

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